My Sister Wives

Mrs. Lion spanked me Thursday night. I reminded her of the need to do it in my daily email. She kidded me about reminding her. I responded that I knew that I was not getting any sex until the punishment was off the books. She didn’t reply. Mrs. Lion never said that I had to accept any punishments due before sex would be available, but it seems that’s how it works out.  It’s a sensible rule to make. Eat your veggies or no dessert. Right? We’ll see if she formalizes this practice.

I haven’t been sleeping well. I manage to get to sleep about midnight and then wake up again at one. I’ve been watching “Sister Wives” until I get sleepy again at two or three. I find that show very interesting because I was in a triad with two women back before I met Mrs. Lion. It lasted about a year and a half. I’ve long wondered what I could have done to preserve it.

“Sister Wives” is about a plural marriage that began in Utah. The spouses belong to a radical wing of the Mormon religion that still advocated polygamy. The show started with a husband and three wives. A fourth was added a bit into the series. One of the wives said that marriages with just two wives often get into trouble. Apparently the third wife offers a balance that shores up the marriage. Interesting.

My plural relationship broke up because of jealousy. I joined two women who had been in a lesbian relationship for a decade. I was invited to join for a weekend “date.” Both women wanted to experience sex with a man. I met them online and we chatted and talked on the phone for over a month before we finally met. By that point, we knew we liked each other but had no plans to get into anything long-term.

Our first meeting was awkward and a little uncomfortable. I drove to their house on Friday night. After an awkward two hours of chit-chat, we undressed and I made love to one of them. They were both virgins (28 years old), and one still had her hymen. There was a bit of bleeding and she was sore for a week. The next night it was the other woman’s turn. Thatwas easier. Both had orgasms and both wanted more sex with me.

We spent nearly every weekend after that together. Sometimes it was in their house, which was a four-hour drive away. Other times, it was in mine. After a couple of months of these long commutes, the women decided to move near me. Both landed local jobs and they got a house about five miles from mine. This is when things started looking like the “Sister Wives” scenario.

After they moved, we got into a pattern of each of the women alternating spending weekends with me. We still did things together like hiking, eating dinners, and stuff like that. We rarely had sex with all three of us present. This is how the Mormons do it. Each wife has her own home or apartment. The man rotates between them. Our situation was a bit different because the women also had sex with each other. Sister wives don’t do that.

The sister wives on TV talked about jealousy. It was a challenge they discussed at length. My partners never talked about it with me. Apparently, they didn’t talk about it with each other until one of the women couldn’t take it anymore. Before they moved near me, they made a private agreement that if one of them wanted to end things with me, they both would.

One fateful day, one of them said, “We agreed that if one of us wanted to end things, we would. If I want to end things with him, will you end it too?”

Her partner said that she didn’t want to. That was the beginning of the end. It wasn’t long before the unhappy member of our triad won her point, and we were done. I’ve always wondered what I could have done to avoid this very painful ending. Watching “Sister Wives” brought all this back to me. Maybe my mistake was going along with the alternating weekends with one of the women. Maybe we all needed to be in the bedroom every night. At least then, we could have avoided any worry about what was happening behind closed doors.

It’s also very possible that there was nothing I could do to fix things. Creating a relationship like that without the support of a tradition of polygamy is nearly impossible. Of course, it’s a good thing that it didn’t work out. I got to meet Mrs. Lion and she is my soul mate. Still…it’s a hell of an interesting memory.