On the Fine Edge

Admittedly, I never knew Lion as a young stud. He says he supposes he was very good looking since women fawned over him. I’ve never been attracted to the drop dead gorgeous hunks many women think are gods. I guess I’m more of a personality girl. That’s not to say Lion isn’t a cutie. And, truth be told, I think he’s better looking now than he was when he was younger. Of course, I’m only seeing pictures. I’m sure he would have been attractive to me back then too.

My point in bringing up the past is that Lion appears to be back in young stud form lately. I can’t say it’s the cage for sure, but he’s definitely been easier to arouse since his last orgasm. I’d bet there’s a combination of things at work here. I’ve been snuggling him more before we move on to the main event. Ironically, BDSM play has fallen off except for our spanking games. For all I know, the spanking has reset his clock as if we’ve gone back to the beginning of our relationship and my pathetic attempts to spank him. I don’t know how he hung in there. I hit him softer than I swatted my kids on diapered bottoms. He could also think I’m not rushing him, although I’m not sure what gave him the impression I was rushing him in the first place. Or maybe his hormones are chugging away. Whatever it is, I’m glad.

It’s definitely more fun to give attention to someone who enjoys it. I’m thinking a man has more fun with a woman who participates rather than just laying there. On the other hand, sometimes it’s difficult to tell. Neither Lion nor I are big noise makers. It’s more in the way we move. Lion tenses in a certain way that thrusts his hips up. I know I’m on the right track then. When he starts bucking? Well, then I’m positive he’s having a good time. It’s just a matter of making sure he has enough of a good time without having too much of a good time. That’s the balancing act.