It seems that I am easier to arouse. Mrs. Lion noted that even though it’s been only a few days since my last orgasm, I was very responsive and she could bring me quite close to the edge. She wondered if this was due to my being back in a male chastity device or just because I am in a naturally horny phase. It’s true that my sexual interest seems to follow a cycle.

It’s not a regular thing that we could plot on a calendar. I gradually go from very horny to not too interested in sex and then back again. I tend to remain at either the top or bottom of my cycle for anywhere from one to several weeks. Naturally, I’m much happier during a horny period. Since this is a rather long cycle, it makes sense for Mrs. Lion to wonder if my current level of interest is independent of it. I suspect that the chastity device is a big factor.

For a while now I’ve believed that the real sexual power of a male chastity device isn’t in its ability to prevent unauthorized ejaculation. I think it is that it prevents erections. If Mrs. Lion leaves me wild, I will have several erections a day. One or more may just be the nonsexual sort that most men get at night or in the morning. Others are the result of thinking about or being exposed to sexually arousing material. When that happens, I can feel a tightening behind the base ring as the little bit of my penis that is internal and behind the ring swells. It is a pleasant feeling, but nothing like an erection. When Mrs. Lion unlocks me, it takes very little to get me hard. It feels great!

This has nothing to do with orgasms or even teasing. Just being allowed to get fully aroused is a big deal when I only get at most, one chance a day. A good part of the time I stay locked for two or three days making that erection even more valuable.

Erection control is much more important than orgasm control

Like most men, I tend to think about sex in terms of ejaculation. After all, that’s the goal. My erection is only the first step on the way to that ultimate pleasure. In a very real sense, anticipating ejaculation is a distraction. It masks the most significant sexual control that wearing a chastity device exerts. I doubt that our keyholders understand how significant erection control is.

Both keyholder and caged male endlessly refer to orgasm control. Delaying ejaculation is almost universally considered the entire point of wearing a male chastity device. Now that I’ve spent a lot of time both in a device and wild while under Mrs. Lion’s orgasm control, I can say that being allowed to have erections but not orgasms is much easier to manage than having erections suppressed as well. Mrs. Lion’s “experiment” supports this.

While I was wild, she would have considerably more trouble getting me hard and aroused than she has had since keeping me in a male chastity device. She has attributed the change to the fact I like bondage and I am wearing the device. That’s certainly plausible. I disagree. It’s true that I like bondage and being locked in a chastity device. However, since I have been wearing one for years, it’s unlikely that I would be so strongly affected now.

Yes, I was wild for months but I have over five years of 24/7 wearing in the past seven years. The novelty of being relocked certainly wore off quickly. What can’t ever wear off is suppressing my erections. Since I get near-daily “exercise” when Mrs. Lion gets me hard, I am constantly reminded how much I like it when my cock is at full mast.

When she can get me to the edge, I’m also reminded how much I want to ejaculate. When she doesn’t, I am reminded of how much I love getting hard. While I was wild, it wasn’t a special treat to get hard. It was wonderful when Mrs. Lion stimulated me. Now the pleasure is doubled since just the erection is a big deal. Mrs. Lion playing with my penis is the cherry on top.

My point is that I am reminded several times a day, every single day how much I miss being allowed to get hard. If Mrs. Lion wanted to use releasing me and letting me get hard as an incentive to do things for her, it would be very powerful. I imagine that this incentive is at least as strong as being reminded that eventually, ejaculation will be allowed.

If you don’t believe me, try it out. Change the incentive from orgasm to a nice hard penis. The reward is being unlocked and allowed a nice stretch and tease. Orgasm isn’t even on the table. It doesn’t have to be.

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