August went out with a bang. Literally. Mrs. Lion bruised my bottom on Monday night. My spanking was particularly painful. Mrs. Lion used a paddle made from thick conveyor belt material. This is the stuff used to move very heavy rocks and other pointed objects. In other words, it’s tough. This particular paddle has large holes in it. Some people think that holes in a paddle allow airflow and that prevents an air cushion from forming and lightening the blow. That’s simply not true.

The real effect of the holes is to provide more edges to trap and bruise the skin. When Mrs. Lion swings hard, the flesh on my bottom is pushed into the holes. If the holes are chamfered, sloped edges, no damage is done. If the holes have vertical walls, there is a nasty pinching effect that generally enhances bruising. Sometimes you can see the pattern of the holes on my skin. You can see them in the image of my butt after Monday’s spanking on the left.

Mrs. Lion is becoming considerably more serious when she punishes me. I think she likes to experiment with different paddles. Regardless of the implement, her objective is to make a strong, visible impression. She says I have made it worse on myself by suggesting she use more than one paddle in a session. I guess she is right.

Based on my experience as a top, I know that there are two basic spanking effects: red color with a sting, and deeper pain and bruising. Given a choice, I will opt for the deeper pain every time. I hate the sting. The lighter, wood paddles generate sting and rarely bruise. The heavier tools with smaller striking areas will produce deeper pain and bruising.

She has learned to disregard my yelps and screams. They aren’t a reliable indicator of the quality of the punishment. As a spanking progresses, there is a natural loss of sensitivity. After a while, more force is necessary to produce the desired discomfort. Mrs. Lion knows this and does a good job assuring it hurts from beginning to end.

A helpful indicator of how spanking is progressing is the red color produced by the paddle. Everyone reddens differently. Some bottoms turn dark purple-red with very little spanking. Others, like mine, are difficult to get past pink. Mrs. Lion uses color to assure she has covered all of the areas she wants to spank. She wants me to feel sting over my entire lower butt and upper thighs. Did I mention that I really hate sting?

Even a tough-to-redden butt like mine will go from pink to a darker red with sufficient encouragement. It will take a lot of work, but it can be done. I wouldn’t mind a bit if Mrs. Lion stays with pink. I suspect she will want to go for dark red at some point.

The second phase of the two-part spanking is with the heavier implement. The conveyer belt, rubber paddles are in this category. They inflict a different sort of pain. It’s deeper and slower to be fully felt. Some describe this as “thuddy”. I prefer it to sting. When applied with sufficient force, the marks these tools make will last for days and will be felt almost as long as they are visible.

The most unpleasant spanking begins with lots of sting which is administered until I begin to lose sensitivity and my bottom is the shade of red that Mrs. Lion likes. Even if I lose sensitivity, if the color isn’t right, she can hit hard and fast until my reaction and skin color is what she wants. At that point, she can bring in the thud.

If this sounds cruel, it isn’t. As an adult male, I am quite difficult to impress with a spanking. Bear in mind that for many years before we started domestic discipline I received “play” spankings that were every bit as mean as some of Mrs. Lion’s punishments. It takes a lot of work to get my attention with a punishment spanking. Mrs. Lion knows this and has been working to assure that I don’t mistake punishment for play

I didn’t make that mistake on Monday night!

Lion is loving his green light to nag me about things being on flat surfaces. I suppose I should have specified that it starts once the flat surface is clear, but it’s not really a big deal. The fact that he’s looking at things that might be his on the table is excellent.

I finally agreed that he deserved to be punished for his remarks about my hair cutting ability, or lack thereof. He insists he doesn’t flip out about things, but I think he does. He was pretty upset about his hair. Yes, it’s short in one spot in the front. Yes, it calmed down a little after his shower. My feeling about bad haircuts is that it’s just hair. It will grow back. If he wants to get back at me, he can give me a haircut. He won’t. He likes my long hair.

Anyway, he earned a punishment. I should have given him his swats before dinner. I like to separate punishment from sex by a few hours. If I punish him after dinner, there’s not really enough time to separate it. Oh well. We do what we can. And what I did was whomp his buns with a rubber paddle. He said the rubber paddle from the other day could have been used all by itself to cause bruises. I picked a different one, but it had the same effect.

I started out slowly because I know the rubber paddle is harsher. Once I revved up to full strength, I could already see bruises forming. In all fairness, he had the beginnings of a bruise the other day. I didn’t want to keep whomping on bruises so I had to stop. I’m sure he learned his lesson. Then he said next time I should use a different paddle to warm up and then use the rubber paddle for bruises. But didn’t he just say…? Yup. He did.

While I was at work yesterday, and we were doing our emails back and forth, Lion alerted me that if I didn’t allow him to orgasm last night he’d only have two orgasms for August. I don’t normally care how many he has in a given month, but I hastened to point out that his having an orgasm isn’t entirely up to me. He hadn’t been able to get to the edge for a while so I had no choice but to make him wait. However, I offered to help things along by applying Icy Hot. When he objected, I asked if he’d rather have tiny clothespins. He didn’t. Of course, I figured the punishment he had coming would do more than the threat of Icy Hot. And it did.

It took some doing but Lion got to the edge and then some. I was rewarded for all my hard work with a nice mouthful of cum. Yum! I guess the wait was worth it.

The other day Mrs. Lion posed the question as the title of her post, Is He Looking for Another Spanking? She was referring to some things I said that bothered her. She appeared to be trying to figure out where the threshold is between a little snarky and spankable behavior. She wondered if I would earn a spanking two days in a row.

I appreciate her thoughtful approach. But I think at this early stage in disciplining me for behavior that upsets her, this may be a way to avoid the inevitable confrontation that punishing me creates. It’s not that I resist her demand that I get into position for a spanking. I don’t. I don’t even ask why she is spanking me. Usually, she tells me. Sometimes, she will tell me that I will be spanked but doesn’t explain why at that moment. I’m fine with that.

In the cold morning light, I think that if I do something that makes her wonder if it is sufficiently annoying to warrant punishment, almost by definition it is. At least in the beginning, it seems to me that if the thought of punishing me goes through her mind after I do something, that is sufficient grounds to spank me.

Mrs. Lion wants to be fair. Her strong desire to treat me fairly seems to be getting in the way of taking the next step in our disciplinary relationship. It’s not that she is unwilling to punish me for upsetting her. She demonstrated that last week. She bruised my buns to let me know she was unhappy with my behavior. That was a great start.

I think the next step is for Mrs. Lion to turn off that filter. If she starts thinking about whether or not something I’ve done deserves punishment, the filter is on. I’m proposing that for the foreseeable future, the simple act of asking herself that question automatically earns the answer, “Yes, he needs to be spanked.”

There is no doubt that for a while until I learn better communication skills, I might be getting several spankings a week. I certainly won’t like this. That’s not the point. We both agree that I need to be more careful in the way I speak to her. I need to think about what am about to say in terms of whether or not it might upset her. I don’t intentionally try to make her angry or sad. I can be thoughtless.

For example, Mrs. Lion gave me a haircut on Saturday. She’s getting quite good at it. However, she made a little slip in a very visible spot. I commented on it because I worried that people might see it and think I look silly. This hurt her feelings. After all, she worked hard to cut my hair and she rightly believed I should be grateful for her effort. She’s right. I’m very grateful that she does this for me. The fact that she didn’t do it perfectly doesn’t change my gratitude at all. I was thoughtless being critical.

Mrs. Lion was quiet after dinner on Saturday night. I finally asked her what was wrong. She told me that she felt badly about my comment regarding my haircut. Was that comment a spankable offense? The fact that she reacted so strongly and felt bad tells me it is.

I’m pretty sure that Mrs. Lion didn’t think spanking me would make her feel better about my thoughtless remark. She might be right. However, given our disciplinary relationship, I think I need to learn to be careful about saying things like that. We’ve established that consistent spankings for misbehavior of any sort condition me to behave the way she wants.

The challenge is for her to consciously decide to consistently respond to any thoughtlessness or other behaviors that cause her upset with punishment. Until she has developed the same level of consistency she has when I spill food on my shirt or forget to do a chore, it seems to me that she has to always err on the side of punishing for very minor offenses. It worked for us before in terms of chores and rules. It should work equally well for upsetting behavior.

I admire Mrs. Lion for her fairness filter. I just think it’s a little broken. That haircut comment was seriously upsetting. Based on our agreement, that certainly earned me a spanking. I know it’s going to be difficult for her to work through feeling bad and focus instead on educating me. I think she needs to turn the filter off for my sake.

Guess what? She spanked me!