Every so often I read a post by a guy who wears a chastity device. Sometimes he talks about how he had it sized. Many full-time chastity device wearers have custom-made devices. It’s just more comfortable if you live in the device.

I always assumed there was only one “right” way to size chastity devices. Every manufacturer makes a big deal out of getting measurements of a totally flaccid penis. I’ve written endlessly about how important it is to make sure the device isn’t too long. Over the years I’ve discovered that a short cage keeps my urethra properly centered at the tip of the device. That’s important because a properly centered penis with the head firmly in contact with the end of the cage assures neat, stand-up peeing.

This molded-in ring at the front of the shaft cage effectively traps the penis head in front of it.

The cage makers, including the off-the-shelf guys, now agree with this concept. Short and very short cages (1 inch in length) are readily available. A couple, most notably the Evotion Wearables Orion, have a molded-in ring situated just behind the head of the penis that “locks” the head in place. This design makes overall shaft length less critical.

Having said all this about going small, the shaft and head diameters have to be accurately measured. There is no risk or discomfort in compressing the length of a penis. Compressing the width can reduce circulation and lead to edema.

It turns out that some guys have a completely different idea about sizing their male chastity devices. Some order them slightly too long. This allows an erection to start. His keyholder can see this. She likes seeing it trying to grow.

Others order the device with measurements of a complete erection. They want to feel the full effect of arousal with no way to get off. This is pretty impractical for most. If the device is a solid tube, it will probably fill with urine when peeing. This can be prevented by locking the device on with a Prince Albert piercing. This will force the head of the penis into the top of the tube regardless of erectile state.

An open cage design like the Jail Bird probably allows too much access to an erection. Devices like this need a flaccid penis to work correctly.

lion wearing the heart on chastity device
Here I am wearing the Heart-On male chastity device. It encapsulates my cock and balls.

There is a small-but-growing number of men who want a device that locks up more than just the penis. They want their entire package under lock and key. Before 3D printing, it was very difficult to make such a device. Steel devices are just too heavy to be practical.

I reviewed the Heart On device. It’s a full-coverage plastic chastity device. It’s a clever design and works well. It isn’t very attractive visually. It looks like an egg was grafted over my junk. Still, it is lightweight and secure. I was able to wear it for days with no problems.

orion side view
Evotion’s Orion male chastity device. Unique in design and a dream to wear.

My current favorite chastity device is the Orion made by Evotion Wearables. It’s supremely comfortable and secure. It allows me to stand and pee 100% of the time. It’s incredibly small and light. It is undetectable under clothing. You can read my review here.

The more traditional manufacturers may need to take a look at some of these newer innovations. The built-in ring that goes below the glans is a fantastic way to keep the head up front and centered. As far as I’m concerned, this is a real chastity game changer.


    1. Author

      It’s easily the most comfortable device I’ve worn.

  1. Does the molded in ring also prevent pull out?

    1. Author

      The manufacturer claims it does. It might make it a bit harder to pull out, but I doubt it is going to stop someone who wants out. I’m pretty sure if he pulls out, he can’t get back in.

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