There is no question that I’m fond of my penis. I think most guys feel the same way. Females seem less obsessed with their principal sexual organs. I think that may be why things like male chastity don’t really occur to them. I’m pretty sure that Mrs. Lion privately shook her head in amazement when I asked her to lock up my penis. She knew how much I liked it and had to wonder what I could possibly be thinking about when I asked her to take it away from me.

That’s the thing. When I thought about my penis being locked in a chastity device and Mrs. Lion holding the only key, I got aroused. Hell, I still get aroused. This has to top the list of completely confusing ideas. Here I am craving her touch or even mine, and yet I desperately want her to make it impossible for either of us to touch it.

Some people might think it’s so exciting because when Mrs. Lion locks up my penis, she takes control of it. The idea of surrendering control has always been hot. Bondage has always turned me on as well. So, thinking about my penis existing in a cage that I can’t unlock is probably the ultimate expression of surrendering control and being in 24/7 bondage. In a way, it’s the ultimate male BDSM game.

That makes sense in a kind of perverted way. I don’t think it would have been very much fun if Mrs. Lion simply locked me up and then did nothing more. When I asked for male chastity, I wasn’t asking to permanently end enjoying sex. I was asking to be put on a sex diet. Like a food diet, the sex diet restricts the amount of sexual pleasure. Just like a food diet, a sex diet left me hungry and unsatisfied between “meals”. To make sure that I remember what I’m missing, Mrs. Lion would unlock me and edge me almost every day. I was almost always “hungry”.

I don’t think either of us planned it, but over time I learned to be satisfied with less. I am not saying that I stopped wanting sex. I just learned that I could be quite happy with regular edging. Fortunately for me, Mrs. Lion likes it when I ejaculate. She likes the taste of semen. I’m always very happy to provide that for her.

Making me wait a long time for ejaculation was never part of my fantasy. I just liked surrendering sexual control. I think that there is a tendency for women to simplify the way male sexuality works. After all, males are very direct and to the point. That doesn’t mean there aren’t subtle processes work behind the scenes. For example, a surprisingly large percentage of men find it difficult to initiate sex. I certainly suffered from that. Losing control of my penis also meant there would be no reason why I would need to initiate. I can’t initiate if my cock is locked in a little cage.

I can’t deny that relieving myself of this responsibility was one of my motives. I think that my inability to initiate may be one of the main reasons Mrs. Lion lost interest in sex. I think she needs a man to strongly initiate activities. I feel quite guilty about this. It’s way too late to do anything about it, of course. It’s hard not to feel badly that maybe by curing my sexual needs, I damaged hers.

Some of the women who write about locking up their men like to say that a man doesn’t really need more than one orgasm every 7 to 10 days. Somehow they divined that this is the physiological and psychological optimum sexual frequency for the human male. For whatever reason, this seems to be the frequency Mrs. Lion prefers for me. I don’t think it’s optimum. I don’t think there is any optimum interval between male orgasms.

For a male in chastity, the interval has to be long enough for him to feel the control of his keyholder. That’s how he knows he’s on a sexual diet. I wonder how much sex I have to lose before I can get off of it. Just kidding, Mrs. Lion.


  1. Good read, rings true with me too though we haven’t got to the caging yet, my wife just doesn’t see why yet what you have written here makes perfect sense – have to get her to read it. Been away for a while because of this lockdown/work blah blah blah , looks like I have a few things to read.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment. It’s great to see what’s working for you.

  2. indeed when i was with my last Mistress she never touched me and that was ok. i was perfectly satisfied being with Her and satisfying Her needs. i rarely had organisms except at home by myself with Her permission and i was to photo my cum in my hand and then my tongue licking it up and sending to Her. Unfortunately that relationship lasted less than a year

  3. I can still initiate sex—but I can’t initiate PIV sex. I also run the risk of being punished for initiating sex! Adds to the sense of doing the forbidden! lol

    1. Author

      We are about to try something new. Read about it tomorrow 🙂

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