Some time ago, I mentioned that I tested a safe for storing things like keys to a chastity device. The first unit I got was virtually unusable. There were big problems with the setup. It claimed it could be unlocked using voice, but it couldn’t. I complained to the company. They got back to me with a new device and improved software. Now the device can be unlocked using Amazon Alexa voice control.

The Pillar, by Lockedbrands (link to Amazon page), is a high-quality plastic safe. It is unlocked via either a phone app or voice. It isn’t cheap: $100. I think it is worth the money. I set it up so that only Mrs. Lion can open it. She can use our Echo devices at home and say, “Alexa ask my pillar to unlock,” and it will. After unlocking, it automatically resets to locked in a few seconds.

You open it by twisting 1/4-turn and lifting, just like opening a jar. You lock it by putting the top on and twisting until it clicks. There is plenty of room inside for more than just keys. You can store other valuables there too. Obviously, since it’s made of plastic, it can be “cracked” with a saw, but that’s not the point. You can’t open it without wrecking it unless you are authorized.

This device neatly solves the emergency key problem, at least at home. The keyholder can unlock the Pillar from anywhere her phone can connect to the internet. She can do it with her voice through the Alexa phone app or by clicking a button on the LockedBrands app. Think of how useful this could be for a findom or professional keyholder? She could set up any number of Pillars on her phone and unlock them for poor boys as she wishes. They would have five seconds from the time she clicks “Unlock” to open the Pillar and retrieve the key. Facetime is an easy way to assure the key goes back, and the Pillar gets relocked.

The Pillar solves the problem of digging out the key or unlock a box or safe to get it. Male chastity just got a lot more convenient for the keyholder.

I thought I solved the sizing issue with my Evotion male chastity device. I didn’t. As I wrote in my post yesterday, the new shaft section was 5/8 inches longer and a couple of millimeters wider. The idea was to take advantage of the ring that holds the head in place and allow more breathing room for my penis.

When Mrs. Lion locked it on, it seemed perfect. She had some trouble locking it together. That wasn’t the device’s fault, just lack of practice. Everything seemed to be exactly the way I hoped. However, within an hour the head of my penis had withdrawn into the shaft section while we were on the bed watching TV. My hope that a roomier cage would prevent a sore under the head couldn’t work.

The solution is probably to go back to the narrower shaft section. Some extra length might do the trick. Sizing this male chastity device has been a bit tricky for me. It’s not the fault of the device design or its seller, Evotion Wearables. It’s my wish to keep the head of my penis firmly in place. If I had a penis piercing, the device would be perfect. The piercing would fix my head to the top. I’m not prepared to be pierced again.

I might go back to the original shaft section. Perhaps if we approach locking me up by aligning the head of my penis before locking the shaft to the base ring, we can avoid any potential issues. I’ll talk it over with Mrs. Lion.

At this point, wearing a male chastity device is more to appeal to my love of bondage than it is to avoid unauthorized masturbation. My training has been very effective. I don’t even think about jerking off anymore. Mrs. Lion is happy if I remain wild. Maybe that’s the best thing at this point. I’m pretty sure I need a resized shaft section for my Orion. It takes about four weeks to get one designed and printed. Since I am out of work, we don’t have much spare cash. I may have to remain wild or go back to the Jail Bird or one of my other old devices. That’s too bad. I really love wearing my Evotion Orion. [Mrs. Lion — We’ll play around with getting the original to work. I think we’re on the right track with putting the shaft and cap together before connecting to the base ring. Don’t give up the ship just yet.]

October turned out to be a 3-orgasm month for me. My latest wait was just 7 days. In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion gave reasons why she decided to let me come so soon. I’m not sure I buy them. Once she can get me all the way to the edge, it doesn’t seem long before she can’t seem to help herself. I had a very good time and I’m not complaining.

evotion orion Ring to hold penis head in place
Evotion Orion ring to hold penis head in place

The new, larger shaft section for my Evotion Orion arrived today. About a month ago I suffered two penis injuries. One was a little sore just under the head. It was most likely caused by the internal ring in the shaft section of the device (see picture). This ring keeps the head in place. It’s a wonderful part of the design. I believe that I ordered too short and a bit too narrow a shaft section in the original device. The other was a lioness bite. She got a little too enthusiastic during oral sex.

I had a similar problem with the Cherry Keeper device which has a shelf inside designed to hold the head in place. The shelf rubbed just under the head a bit too much and I got a sore. The Evotion product has a much more gentle solution. Its molded-in ring offers more surface area than the Cherry Keeper shelf. Since my first custom cage, the Jail Bird, I’ve used a shaft diameter of 1-1/4 inches. This is about 1/4 inch narrower than my early measurement.

It was perfect for the Jail Bird. Apparently, the more closed-in design of the Orion, coupled with the head-retaining ring required a more accurate measurement. I ordered the new shaft piece 2mm more in diameter. This is only 5/64-inches. It should be enough to reduce the rubbing on the tender skin just under the head. I also ordered the length 16mm longer, which is 5/8-inches.

I needed the shorter length in the Jail Bird to assure that even if my penis was cold-shower length (about1-1/4 inch), the head would still be pressed firmly against the front of the cage. That measurement was taken from the tip to the base on the underside where it connects with the scrotum. The Evotion measurement is taken along the top, from the body to the base of the head. My most accurate measurement is 47mm (a little more than 1-3/4 inches).

The new shaft piece looks a lot more substantial. That tiny 2mm increase in diameter looks much larger to me. Of course, it isn’t. The increased length is dramatic. Mrs. Lion promises to lock me into it later today. We’ll get a picture and share it with you.

Since we began male chastity seven years ago, device design and manufacture have evolved considerably. The Mature Metal line of cages, which includes the Jail Bird that I wore for years, was fabricated out of welded stainless steel bars and sheet. They are made by hand and are necessarily simple designs.

With the growing maturity of 3D printing, a new kind of male chastity device has emerged. These devices are designed on a computer and then printed in nylon or other materials into finished chastity devices. Complex shapes are very easy to accomplish. Custom sizing is precise and can accomodate virtually any number of individually-measured dimensions. The Evotion Orion is the current champ in terms of customization.

It isn’t easy to figure out how to make a device that will effectively stop a penis from erection and ejaculaton while still being comfortable to wear 24/7. Very few makers have. The relatively crude Jail Bird is comfortable and effective. The Orion is the next generation. It is so light weight that I completely forget it is locked on me. It’s comfortable and best of all, I can pee in it standing up without any fear of spraying.

The price is average for custom male chastity devices; at this time between $350 and $400. Reprints with size adjsutments are reasonably priced. If you wear the device full time, plan to make one or two changes as you spend time in the it.

This is the first time I’ve had to increase the size of a device. I’ll let you know how it works.

The one-inch Nub is very comfortable

When I wrote about chastity device fit several years ago, my advice was based on cages like the Jail Bird or Holy Trainer. They are simple containers for the penis. Over the years, I learned that the shorter the cage, the better the fit. Since we started writing about short cages, more have come on the market. Famously, Holy Trainer started selling their “Nub”. This device is only one inch long. I found it comfortable to wear. Other guys who generally wear longer, custom cages also like it. It’s so short, the urethra pokes out of the front like two little lips. I didn’t find that a problem.

The bottom line is that so long as the diameter of the cage is close to the measured diameter of the shaft, the length isn’t important. Cages like the Nub are very comfortable. I had my Jail Bird shortened to a one-inch cage and it fit like a glove. Bear in mind that a one-inch cage doesn’t mean there is only one inch of room for your penis. You have to add in the thickness of the base ring and the gap left for the scrotum. Depending on the cage, that can add another inch.

There is a new kind of chastity device. This type has a separate “chamber” for the glans (head). The way it works is that there is a ring or shelf inside the device that “catches” the glans where it gets wider than the shaft. There is a sort of groove under the head of the penis. These devices add a ring or shelf that fits into the groove. It prevents the head from slipping back. I am aware of two makers who build devices like this: the Cherry Keeper, and the Evotion Wearables line of devices. Both makers use 3D printing to produce their devices.

evotion orion Ring to hold penis head in place

I love this feature. By “capturing” the head of the penis, it stays put pressing the end of the cage. The shaft can expand and contract without changing that. Great idea! Unfortunately, I didn’t fully understand the implications this design has on fit.

When I sized my Evotion Orion male chastity device, I assumed that the same sort of very short cage would work best for me. So, I specified a shaft length of 31mm (approx 1-1/4 in.). This is the distance from where my penis joins my abdomen (top side) to the bottom of the glans. This is roughly the same sort of fit as my very short Jail Bird.

The Orion goes on in three sections: the base ring, shaft tube, and head cover. The shaft tube has a ring at the front designed to capture the groove under the glans. (See image, above) Since I gave a very short measurement, I had to really pull from behind the base ring to get the shaft back so that just the head protruded. Doing this puts a lot of stress on delicate skin. Since the glans was held in place by the ring, there was no reason for this very short section.

This is the my Orion with the “short” shaft section, You can see that the head (glans) is captured by the shaft section so that it will remain in place if my penis shrinks further.

After hurting myself with the stretching exercise, it finally dawned on me that I didn’t need any shaft compression to keep the head in place. The device could be considerably longer without causing any problems. I remeasured my penis when flaccid, but not coming-out-of-cold-water shrunk.The abdomen-to-glans distance was 49mm (1.9 in). That is a big difference! I ordered a new, longer shaft section using this measurement. That would make the abdomen-to-tip about 3 inches.

Bear in mind that Evotion wants a measurement along the top of the penis. Mature Metal and other cage makers want the shaft measurement on the bottom side, measuring from the scrotum to the tip. The Cherry Keeper wants that bottom measurement from scrotum to base of the glans and then the glans length. That allows locating the “shelf” that captures the glans.

It turns out that we have two measurement strategies depending on the device design. If getting a “free cage” design where there is no retainer for the glans, I think shorter is better. I love my 1-inch Jail Bird and Holy Trainer Nub. They are comfortable and the head of my penis stays front-and-center where it belongs.

When it comes to devices that have a “head capture” feature, the strategy needs to be different. Shaft length can be longer. I made mine the same length as my penis is when at rest. It isn’t the shortest it gets and isn’t the longest. It’s an average from a week’s worth of measurements. The glans size stays fairly constant for a flaccid penis. The length measurement should be as accurate as possible. The same is true for the diameter. Glans diameter is measured at the widest part, just above the groove.

Measurements have always been important when fitting a male chastity device. Always make them when completely flaccid (soft). Don’t leave room for an erection. The devices are designed to prevent them. The better the fit, the more comfortable and effective the device. Take your time. Remember, you will be living in this cage 24/7.