The one-inch Nub is very comfortable

When I wrote about chastity device fit several years ago, my advice was based on cages like the Jail Bird or Holy Trainer. They are simple containers for the penis. Over the years, I learned that the shorter the cage, the better the fit. Since we started writing about short cages, more have come on the market. Famously, Holy Trainer started selling their “Nub”. This device is only one inch long. I found it comfortable to wear. Other guys who generally wear longer, custom cages also like it. It’s so short, the urethra pokes out of the front like two little lips. I didn’t find that a problem.

The bottom line is that so long as the diameter of the cage is close to the measured diameter of the shaft, the length isn’t important. Cages like the Nub are very comfortable. I had my Jail Bird shortened to a one-inch cage and it fit like a glove. Bear in mind that a one-inch cage doesn’t mean there is only one inch of room for your penis. You have to add in the thickness of the base ring and the gap left for the scrotum. Depending on the cage, that can add another inch.

There is a new kind of chastity device. This type has a separate “chamber” for the glans (head). The way it works is that there is a ring or shelf inside the device that “catches” the glans where it gets wider than the shaft. There is a sort of groove under the head of the penis. These devices add a ring or shelf that fits into the groove. It prevents the head from slipping back. I am aware of two makers who build devices like this: the Cherry Keeper, and the Evotion Wearables line of devices. Both makers use 3D printing to produce their devices.

evotion orion Ring to hold penis head in place

I love this feature. By “capturing” the head of the penis, it stays put pressing the end of the cage. The shaft can expand and contract without changing that. Great idea! Unfortunately, I didn’t fully understand the implications this design has on fit.

When I sized my Evotion Orion male chastity device, I assumed that the same sort of very short cage would work best for me. So, I specified a shaft length of 31mm (approx 1-1/4 in.). This is the distance from where my penis joins my abdomen (top side) to the bottom of the glans. This is roughly the same sort of fit as my very short Jail Bird.

The Orion goes on in three sections: the base ring, shaft tube, and head cover. The shaft tube has a ring at the front designed to capture the groove under the glans. (See image, above) Since I gave a very short measurement, I had to really pull from behind the base ring to get the shaft back so that just the head protruded. Doing this puts a lot of stress on delicate skin. Since the glans was held in place by the ring, there was no reason for this very short section.

This is the my Orion with the “short” shaft section, You can see that the head (glans) is captured by the shaft section so that it will remain in place if my penis shrinks further.

After hurting myself with the stretching exercise, it finally dawned on me that I didn’t need any shaft compression to keep the head in place. The device could be considerably longer without causing any problems. I remeasured my penis when flaccid, but not coming-out-of-cold-water shrunk.The abdomen-to-glans distance was 49mm (1.9 in). That is a big difference! I ordered a new, longer shaft section using this measurement. That would make the abdomen-to-tip about 3 inches.

Bear in mind that Evotion wants a measurement along the top of the penis. Mature Metal and other cage makers want the shaft measurement on the bottom side, measuring from the scrotum to the tip. The Cherry Keeper wants that bottom measurement from scrotum to base of the glans and then the glans length. That allows locating the “shelf” that captures the glans.

It turns out that we have two measurement strategies depending on the device design. If getting a “free cage” design where there is no retainer for the glans, I think shorter is better. I love my 1-inch Jail Bird and Holy Trainer Nub. They are comfortable and the head of my penis stays front-and-center where it belongs.

When it comes to devices that have a “head capture” feature, the strategy needs to be different. Shaft length can be longer. I made mine the same length as my penis is when at rest. It isn’t the shortest it gets and isn’t the longest. It’s an average from a week’s worth of measurements. The glans size stays fairly constant for a flaccid penis. The length measurement should be as accurate as possible. The same is true for the diameter. Glans diameter is measured at the widest part, just above the groove.

Measurements have always been important when fitting a male chastity device. Always make them when completely flaccid (soft). Don’t leave room for an erection. The devices are designed to prevent them. The better the fit, the more comfortable and effective the device. Take your time. Remember, you will be living in this cage 24/7.

When I read some of the male chastity forums, I see device reviews that make a big deal out of their security. This puzzles me. I don’t think these references are concerns that someone will steal the chastity device. it seems that some guys want to be sure that they can’t escape. “Pull out” is the common term for the ability to extract the penis from a chastity device by pulling it out through the back of the base ring. With most devices, this can be painful to do. The purpose of pulling out is to permit unauthorized masturbation.

Good grief! Really?

I get it. Common male chastity fantasies center on the male being an unwilling victim who is cruelly locked in a chastity device. His hormones are in such disarray that he will do anything to ejaculate. Since his cruel keyholder won’t let him out, he has to escape if he wants to jerk off.

Maybe that’s a hot fantasy, but it makes absolutely no sense for most guys. First of all, male chastity is proposed by the male. He measures himself and buys the chastity device. Usually, he has to convince a potential keyholder to lock him up and hang on to the keys. He wants her to let him get really horny before she unlocks him. Why would he worry about whether he could escape without a key? The only real worry is that the device has to fit well enough so that his junk won’t fall out.

If he is so immature that he might want to pull out and masturbate, he faces a problem if he succeeds. If you think it is difficult to pull out, try pushing your penis back in! It’s possible with some devices, but it isn’t easy. Even if it was simple to escape and get back, doing that defeats the entire reason he asked to be locked up.

Some guys get off believing they are truly trapped in their male chastity devices. They want “security” to make the fantasy real. Generally speaking, increasing device security will decrease comfort. A tight base ring will make it harder to pull out. It will also chafe and make wearing the device misery. Some guys use piercings to anchor the device to their penises. This is effective but not escape-proof.

Way back 30 years ago, most guys who were into male chastity devices had no real interest in keyholders. They built and wore chastity devices to test how secure they were. A guy would make or buy a device and lock himself in. The rule was that he was stuck in the device until he could escape without the key. Once he escaped, he would look for a tougher challenge. He had two incentives to escape quickly: He wanted to brag how good he was as an escape artist, and the longer it took the hornier he got.

Most of us have long realized that the most important value a male chastity device can have is comfort. Of course, it has to suppress erections and make masturbating while locked up as difficult as possible. Mostly it has to be fun to wear. I enjoy wearing mine; especially when Mrs. Lion is in control.

Every so often I read a post by a guy who wears a chastity device. Sometimes he talks about how he had it sized. Many full-time chastity device wearers have custom-made devices. It’s just more comfortable if you live in the device.

I always assumed there was only one “right” way to size chastity devices. Every manufacturer makes a big deal out of getting measurements of a totally flaccid penis. I’ve written endlessly about how important it is to make sure the device isn’t too long. Over the years I’ve discovered that a short cage keeps my urethra properly centered at the tip of the device. That’s important because a properly centered penis with the head firmly in contact with the end of the cage assures neat, stand-up peeing.

This molded-in ring at the front of the shaft cage effectively traps the penis head in front of it.

The cage makers, including the off-the-shelf guys, now agree with this concept. Short and very short cages (1 inch in length) are readily available. A couple, most notably the Evotion Wearables Orion, have a molded-in ring situated just behind the head of the penis that “locks” the head in place. This design makes overall shaft length less critical.

Having said all this about going small, the shaft and head diameters have to be accurately measured. There is no risk or discomfort in compressing the length of a penis. Compressing the width can reduce circulation and lead to edema.

It turns out that some guys have a completely different idea about sizing their male chastity devices. Some order them slightly too long. This allows an erection to start. His keyholder can see this. She likes seeing it trying to grow.

Others order the device with measurements of a complete erection. They want to feel the full effect of arousal with no way to get off. This is pretty impractical for most. If the device is a solid tube, it will probably fill with urine when peeing. This can be prevented by locking the device on with a Prince Albert piercing. This will force the head of the penis into the top of the tube regardless of erectile state.

An open cage design like the Jail Bird probably allows too much access to an erection. Devices like this need a flaccid penis to work correctly.

lion wearing the heart on chastity device
Here I am wearing the Heart-On male chastity device. It encapsulates my cock and balls.

There is a small-but-growing number of men who want a device that locks up more than just the penis. They want their entire package under lock and key. Before 3D printing, it was very difficult to make such a device. Steel devices are just too heavy to be practical.

I reviewed the Heart On device. It’s a full-coverage plastic chastity device. It’s a clever design and works well. It isn’t very attractive visually. It looks like an egg was grafted over my junk. Still, it is lightweight and secure. I was able to wear it for days with no problems.

orion side view
Evotion’s Orion male chastity device. Unique in design and a dream to wear.

My current favorite chastity device is the Orion made by Evotion Wearables. It’s supremely comfortable and secure. It allows me to stand and pee 100% of the time. It’s incredibly small and light. It is undetectable under clothing. You can read my review here.

The more traditional manufacturers may need to take a look at some of these newer innovations. The built-in ring that goes below the glans is a fantastic way to keep the head up front and centered. As far as I’m concerned, this is a real chastity game changer.

Sunday turned out to be a very good day. Aside from having the day with Mrs. Lion and enjoying doing things together, Mrs. Lion gave me my first orgasm in two weeks. That may not sound like a big deal but it wasn’t that she made me wait this long, I simply lost interest and was unable to even get close to an orgasm. Magically, on Sunday night after a lot of manual effort, Mrs. Lion gave me an orgasm. It was great.

I have to admit that I was worried. Sex was in the background for me. On an intellectual level I knew that I should be very horny and thinking about activities that turn me on. I wasn’t. I’m pretty sure that everyone who told me this was due to the stress of the recent health issues I’ve had as well as moving, were right. These problems are just not going to go away. I’m going to have to learn to compartmentalize them so that I can put them away when it’s time to have fun.

Mrs. Lion said that she’s been thinking about putting me back in a male chastity device. I have mixed feelings about it. I know it will make a lot of day-to-day activities a little more difficult. I’ll miss unrestricted access to my penis. Of course, I don’t get a choice. I’m not sure how wearing the device will impact my physical therapy. I suppose it won’t, though there will be a risk of being discovered.

As I’ve written, I just finished measuring for a new Evotion male chastity device. While doing it, I was reminded how many of us overestimate our penis length. Part of this size error is caused by concern that a cage that is too short will somehow be uncomfortable. Another is interest in leaving some space for “expansion”

Instinct tends to lead us to make a little more space because we reason that too much space is better than a device that won’t fit because it’s too small. I get that logic. Ironically, the opposite is true when it comes to male chastity devices. Too short will actually fit better than too long. The logic is simple: If a male chastity device is too long, even a little too long, the tip of the penis will sit back a bit from the end of the cage. This may not sound important, but if the penis is not firmly pressing against the end, the urethra will wander and urinating will become an adventure.

The best fitting devices have the penis in contact with the sides and front of the male chastity device at all times. This can be a little tricky to measure. Most of the time, the penis will be a bit longer than it is at its shortest length. I found that the easiest way to get a proper measurement is to sit in a straight-backed chair with your back firmly pressed against the chair back. Your penis should look very short, almost the way it does after a cold swim. This is the perfect time to measure.

The people who make the Evotion device say that exact measurements will yield the best results. They ask for two penis length measurements: one is the length of the glans (head). The second is the shaft length, measured along the top, from the back of the glans to the body. Other device makers, like Mature Metal, want a measurement from the very tip to the back on the bottom where the shaft of the penis meets the scrotum. Both measurements should be taken in the sitting straight position. In the case of the standard cage, like the Mature Metal Jail Bird, I subtract about a half-inch from the measured length of my penis. This left me with a cage that would be 1 inch long.

I was pretty nervous when I ordered this very short cage. In fact, it’s the shortest cage that Mature Metal can make. I decided to be brave and order it. It’s a perfect fit! My penis fits inside its little prison like a glove. Everything stays nicely in place. Erections never have a chance to start. The Evotion male chastity device that I am getting (the Orion), comes in three pieces: the base ring, a shaft cover, and a third piece to cover the head of the penis. The device requires two locks to put it all together. I’m not entirely sure how specifying a shorter-than-actual shaft length would affect the device. So, I ordered the device using careful, exact measurements all around. We’ll see how that works out when it’s delivered.

No matter what male chastity device you are having made for you, it’s critical that you keep the shaft length either accurate or shorter than your actual measurement. Six years of experience has taught me this is the golden rule of chastity device measurement.