It’s the beginning of June. The stats are in. So far this year I’ve had 15 orgasms. . At the same time in 2019, my total was 22. That’s a decrease of 32%. If I keep going at this same reduced rate, I will end up having 35 orgasms this year. This will average an orgasm every 10 days. My 2019 average was 6 days. So far this year I’ve had 10 blow jobs and five handjobs. This is a distinct improvement over last year when I had 68% handjobs and 32% blow jobs. Mrs. Lion says she’s finding it easier to get me off orally. I’m delighted with this turn of events.

I’ve been tracking my releases since 2016. I decided to do it because neither of us was very good at remembering how long I had been waiting. I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet of my orgasms so that I would be able to remind her and myself of where we stand. Mrs. Lion has written that she thinks an orgasm every 7 to 10 days makes the most sense. In the past, she’s never suggested any specifics. She said that she preferred getting me off whenever the mood struck. She says she doesn’t keep track. She’s been very consistent this year. I’ve only had one very long wait due to my stomach problem. Other than that only once or twice did I wait less than a week.

Part of this may be my biology. It takes much longer to get me off. In fact, it takes a lot of work if she tries in less than a week. I know she can make it happen if she wishes, but then as she likes to say she’s in no hurry. She also suggests that if I really wanted to come, I would in much less time. I’m not so sure of that. However, she is the boss.

Since I have more time on my hands, I’ve been looking around the web for good information on disciplinary relationships. I really haven’t found much. Even the almost-religiously followed Disciplinary Wives Club drops into catering to male fantasies here and there. I’m thinking about working with Mrs. Lion to write a “Disciplinary Wives Handbook”. My idea is to make it useful to women who have been asked to become disciplinary wives.

The goal is to separate the reasons we males suggest this change in our relationships from the practical realities our wives need to adopt. Since Mrs. Lion and I have been in a disciplinary relationship for about five years now, and we’ve documented our evolution, I think we’re in a good position to offer useful information. My plan is to add it as a feature on this website. That way it will be freely available to anybody who wants to read it.

A few of our readers have commented that they no longer can “Like” our posts and comments. Some post-reading software still allows likes but we don’t display them on the site. I discontinued them because few people bothered to express an opinion. I like it better this way. We still have sharing buttons that allow sending links on various social networks.

Mrs. Lion and I aren’t very active on social networks. We have a Twitter account for this site and I have one personally. Mrs. Lion has one too, but doesn’t really visit. I read my twitter account regularly and sometimes comment beyond the tweets about our posts. The best way to communicate with us is via comments on the posts or “Contact Us“.


  1. wow) that’s an amazing activity to count and make those graphics

    1. Author

      Luckily, Excel makes this easy to do. 🙂

  2. I love the idea of you two putting together a book (or even just a pamphlet) that those of us desiring an FLRD could show our wives. I am under no expectation that it would change my own wife’s disdain for it, but it may enlighten her or at least give me some talking points to use.

    Something similar for chastity would also be appreciated!

    1. Author

      We already have that done for male chastity. Look at the menu at the top of every page. We have a lot of info there.

  3. That would be awesome if you wrote a DW handbook. Maybe my wife would finally get on board.

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