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Ever since the day of Lion’s last orgasm, I haven’t been feeling quite right. I’m not sure if it was really light-headedness mixed with some slight stomach involvement or what exactly, but something was off. That may have had more to do with my not making it very far mowing the lawn than the heat and tiredness. Whatever was going on, it hit full force yesterday. It almost felt like Lion’s stomach issues had become mine. I was not happy.

Despite telling Lion how I was feeling, I swear he attempted to ask if he was getting any action. He’s lucky he got dinner. The bed hasn’t been changed in quite a while, but he asked if I felt well enough to change it. Um…no. Then he said we needed to vacuum the crumbs from the middle of the bed. It’s a side effect of eating in bed so much. But, no, I didn’t feel up to doing that either.

I admit it. I did get annoyed that he wanted me to do things when I didn’t feel well. How long have I taken care of him and not asked him to do anything? Can I just have a few hours to be on death’s door myself? I know he’s not able to do a lot so I’ll wind up doing things anyway, but maybe don’t add things to the list.

The good news is that today I feel much better. I’m cautiously optimistic about not wearing a path to the bathroom. I do, however, remember that Lion would start the day out feeling well and by the end of the day, he’d be running. Enough about health issues.

We had torrential downpours on and off yesterday. There wasn’t any more thunder but I’m not sure why the house didn’t float away. I guess the lawn just needed more water to grow. It’s like this every year. I fight a losing battle with the lawn until the beginning of July when it doesn’t rain for a few months and I gain the upper hand on the grass.

Lion mentioned the other day that he needs to be “mowed” too. I didn’t think so but the other night I felt fur. I was actually planning on manscaping this weekend, but then the stomach thing hit. Maybe I can do some on the weeknights. It’s easy enough to turn the wax on during the work day and check on it from time to time while I’m working from home. As soon as I “punch out” I can usher Lion into the room and start waxing. We can start with a Brazilian and his pits since those areas seem to be bothering him the most and go from there as time permits.

On Wednesday, Lion is having another shot into his shoulder joint to alleviate his pain. He was due for it more than a month ago, but things were shut down. It takes a while for the shot to take effect but then he should be good for a few more months.

In the meantime, the Box O’Fun is still available. Assuming we’re both able, we can make use of it tonight. Maybe he won’t select spanking again. I’m thinking if he does, I’ll institute my own do-over and have him select again. I don’t need to give more swats any more than he needs to get them. Besides, we’ll be starting maintenance swats tomorrow. He doesn’t get any then because he was spanked last week for forgetting to set up the coffee. If he’s good all next week, he’ll get a maintenance spanking a week from tomorrow.

[Lion — I wasn’t asking for play yesterday. I knew Mrs. Lion wasn’t feeling well. I also didn’t expect her to do chores. I’m still having the stomach problem so last night we both were running for the bathroom. It has been 6 days since my last orgasm and I don’t expect one today. I am horny. Mrs. Lion likes that and loves to keep me that way.]


  1. Wow. I’m so behind in reading your posts. I’m sorry. For whatever reason, your posts don’t show up in my reader. I do get notifications of them, and usually try and visit to read them every few days. But it appears a month has passed—so I have a lot of catching up to do. By now you likely feel fine, but I’ll send well wishes anyways. Stay safe!!

    1. Sorry the reader isn’t showing us. We are both finally better. I’m glad you are reading the blog again.

      1. I never stop reading it, but as it’s a special trip, I do it every few days. Somehow almost a month went by. Crazy. But I’ll catch up!

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