Mrs. Lion’s Handiwork

handiwork bookTraditionally, women enjoy handiwork. Some knit and others enjoy making clothing and pursuing various crafts. Mrs. Lion has handiwork she likes to perform.

The vast majority of my sexual experiences are provided by Mrs. Lion’s hands. She is an expert at masturbating me. Over the years, she’s tried different hand job techniques. She’s used different kinds of lube. after much experimentation, she prefers jerking me off with a dry hand. This, of course, requires a firm grip so that her fingers don’t slide over the head of my penis.

lion jerking off
Mrs. Lion had me jerk off for her on the night I asked her to lock me up. This is my technique.

Six years ago, on the same evening I asked Mrs. Lion to lock my penis in a chastity device, she asked me to jerk off for her. The image (left) shows my technique for jerking off. Mrs. Lion took careful note of exactly where I put my fingers. She reasoned that if she held me in the same spots, I would get maximum pleasure.

mrs. lion jerking me off
Mrs. Lion’s technique is a little different. He gets more of her hand involved but is careful to make sure she’s touching my “good spots”.

Mrs. Lion’s technique (image, right) is a little different than mine. She gets more of her hand around my penis.

She’s had lots of practice. Over the last six years, she’s edged me an average of 25 times a week and has given me orgasms on average every seven days.That’s over 8,000 times to date. That’s a lot of jerking off.

About 20% of my orgasms are orally generated. Mrs. Lion knows that I love blow jobs. What man doesn’t? I know that she likes giving them to me. However, she hasn’t found a comfortable position to deliver them. Admittedly, we haven’t experimented. I will move up the bed until my head is up against the headboard. She will kneel between my legs. This doesn’t work too well because her shins generally sit on the hard footboard.

I suggested that we might try this with me sitting in a chair, or with me standing up and leaning against the wall. She hasn’t shown much interest in trying these new positions.

If you add it all up, in the last three years (that’s when I started keeping track)  I had 8,000 hand jobs and about 50 blow jobs. Of the 8000 hand jobs and 50 blow jobs, only 226 resulted in me ejaculating, that’s just 3% of the time.

What this means is that I get a lot of sex. I don’t get a lot of orgasms. That’s expected since we practice male chastity. Virtually all of my sex is external. None of it is by my own hand. I suppose that I am unusual in that respect. From what I’ve read, most of the men who practice male chastity, get many more opportunities for penetration even though it doesn’t result in them being able to ejaculate.

My experience over the last six years has changed how I think about sex. For one thing, I don’t expect to ejaculate when Mrs. Lion masturbates me. I don’t expect anything but her hands providing me with sexual stimulation. It’s very unusual and exciting when she decides give me oral sex. I never expect vaginal intercourse.

Sometimes when I think about it, I miss being inside her. I miss those reverse cowgirl sessions. By and large I am very satisfied with Mrs. Lion’s manual attention. She has great hands and knows how to use them to drive me wild.