Afternoon Delight

One of my pet peeves is when Lion says, “All you have to do….” Oh. Is that all? Other phrases that annoy me are: at the end of the day, it is what it is and it’s to die for. New ones sprang up recently in conjunction with COVID 19. “In these uncertain times…” seems to be the most popular.

Since we’ve been home together 24/7, Lion has been using “are we ever gonna..?” As in, “are we ever gonna use the prickly jock strap?” and “are we ever gonna play?” Ever? Well, I’m sure somewhere in the vastness of “ever” we’ll do it. I know he means he’s looking forward to it or he’s anxious to do it soon, but it seems like we haven’t done anything in eons. Yesterday he asked if we were ever going to do anything sexual. I’m sure he meant before dinner. It was coming up on 6 and we’d been lounging in bed, sort of napping, while watching TV for a few hours.

I did agree to play with him six days out of seven and to make an effort to do it early, but does that mean we can’t ever do things after dinner? “Are we ever gonna play later on?” is a question I should ask him. To me, his asking for sex makes it seem like he’s always thinking about it. I know he isn’t, but it sure sounds that way.

I don’t know why, but it’s taking me a bit to get my head wrapped around playing early. It shouldn’t. As I’ve said, when we first started seeing each other, we played during the day. When I moved in with him, play generally happened in the evening. Work and life took over the day. After dinner we’d settle in and we’d snuggle and play. The only daytime play we seemed to do was in the sling. I don’t know why the sling was during the day. I don’t know why I find it so odd to play during the day now. Aside from Lion still working, we don’t have much structure to our days. In a few weeks, we won’t have any structure at all.

Maybe I need to set an appointment in my head. Three o’clock is sex time. Done. Of course, Lion will ask if he misses that three o’clock appointment, does that mean it won’t happen? In the evening, if he’s snoozing, many times he wakes up too late to do anything. He gets annoyed when I tell him it’s too late. He asks why his snoozing negates play time. It doesn’t necessarily, but what if I was ready to play early that night and he wasn’t and now when he’s ready, I’m not? I guess the simple answer is that I should be able to play with him whenever he’s ready to play. What else am I doing? If I don’t have to be turned on to do it then there’s nothing stopping me from playing at any time.

Obviously, that’s not feasible. I’m not going to drop everything just because he wants to play and he shouldn’t drop everything just because I want to play with him. If three o’clock doesn’t work on a given day, then we’ll do it at a time that does work. I’m just suggesting something to get my mind accustomed to the idea of playing in the afternoon.


  1. hi, i like the way you are discussing those things) it’s so extraordinary

  2. Author

    Thanks! A welcomed side effect of this blog has been the communication between us. We’re able to work things out in a sort of public forum. I think it helps others see that things don’t always go well even in a relationship as close as ours.

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