It feels a little like we are living on the edge of the world. We are isolated in our little house in the rest of the world is virtually unreachable. It’s not a bad feeling. It feels cozy. Just the two of us marooned in something drifting in a sea of deadly creatures. If we stay inside, they can’t get us. We’re especially safe if we put our heads under the covers.

Yesterday, we ordered two small air-conditioners. Our old house had central air. This one has none. Now if the weather gets hot we can turn them on or move into our camper which is safely docked in the backyard. There is little risk making the dash from house to the camper. Our backyard is clear of any possible disease spreaders. Mrs. Lion found instructions on how to make masks, so if we have to venture out we’ll have some protection. Yesterday I found some surgical masks in China on For less than 60 bucks I bought 100, three-ply masks. They aren’t good enough for medical personnel but will do the trick nicely for us. Mrs. Lion found instructions on how to make a mask using an old T-shirt (here’s the link). If you line the homemade mask with a coffee filter, you get additional protection and a nice disposable way to keep it clean.

Speaking of coffee filters, I got the coffeepot ready yesterday without any prompting from my lioness. I proudly told her about it. She told me I was a good boy. She also intimated that there is a chance I might find myself under her paddle today anyway. I suppose it’s time. She needs some practice figuring out how to provide a more thorough spanking without causing bleeding. It may be the toy or it might be my position. As I recall, when in the milking position there was no bleeding. Spanking was also much more painful. But as she sometimes says, “That’s a Lion problem.”

I wonder if she will remember to use her prickly jockstrap or other toys this time. I’m writing this early on Saturday afternoon. She has a lot of time to make me miserable. The effects of the sleeping pill seem to have worn off. I admit that I’m a bit horny. Writing about spanking always does that to me. It also turns me on thinking about her using some of her nasty toys on me. All except those dollhouse clothespins. They are too awful to anticipate with pleasure.

It’s too bad we don’t have our sling set up. Anal is much easier for Mrs. Lion when I am hanging in the sling. I like it too. There still a lot of stuff to clear up in the room where we plan to set it up.

Sometime in the next week or two, I’ll need to be waxed. Mrs. Lion doesn’t really like doing it but she knows I’m happier without fur. It’s probably time to begin anal activity too. I guess I’ll find out.

It’s hard writing about our activity when we’re not doing anything. Instead of reporting on what happens to me, I find myself sharing wishful thinking. Sometimes this makes useful fodder for Mrs. Lion’s thoughts. Other times it might make her feel a little bit unhappy that she thinks I am not feeling well enough cared for. The record, I don’t feel a bit neglected. I’m delighted just being with my lioness. If I start to act a little antsy, I’m pretty sure I’ll get to feel an intense five or 10 minutes with her paddle. She has a way of calming me down.