BEC: Before Enforced Chastity

I am increasingly concerned about the coronavirus. We live in the Seattle area, the epicenter of the US epidemic. Mrs. Lion works at a medical office. Fortunately, she doesn’t contact patients, but she does see other staff. From what she says, the office is not taking the problem seriously. After my 2019 health problems, I worry that I am vulnerable. I am not going out of the house. I canceled my physical therapy for the rest of the month. I’ve also shifted my 401k investments out of the stock market.

So far we are fine. I’m more than fine! Wednesday night, after an 11-day wait, Mrs. Lion gave me a great oral orgasm. According to her, I produced about a teaspoonful of semen. This is a nice improvement. I have no idea why I’ve gone back to making a good quantity. Mrs. Lion enjoyed it. I loved having a chance to ejaculate.

Enforced male chastity has given me a real appreciation of each orgasm. I think this is the best benefit it gives me. Prior to this power exchange, I didn’t think too much about my orgasms. Of course, I liked them, but they weren’t memorable. Now, I cherish each one. I’m grateful to Mrs. Lion for them. It’s a true gift.

BEC (Before Enforced Chastity) I considered ejaculation a normal bodily function with no special significance. I could ejaculate as often as I liked. Sure, it felt very good; but it wasn’t special. I did consider some partner sex special. Generally, it wasn’t the orgasm that was notable. It was the foreplay or the position. Blow jobs were always notable. I adore oral sex.

Now each orgasm is amazing. BEC I would get hotter and hotter and then in a few seconds I would ejaculate. Case closed. Now there is a long buildup and my orgasm goes on and on. I’m not really aware of when I actually ejaculate. I feel spasm after spasm. It’s amazing.

When Mrs. Lion gets me off after just three or four days, the orgasm feels just as good. It doesn’t have to do with the length of my wait. I think that my sexual surrender is responsible. I surrendered, I didn’t become passive. I tread the fine line between trying to convince Mrs. Lion to be sexual and being annoying. So far, when I cross that line all I get is a soft growl. I think it’s only a matter of time before that growl turns into a spanking.

I like being locked into a device. I consider it very hot. It may contribute to the way an orgasm feels to me. The base ring forces my balls out away from my body. It’s impossible for me to forget I am wearing a device (even the locking cock ring). That guarantees my penis is always in my conscious awareness. I like that.

This is different than BEC. I would be aware of my penis when feeling horny. Other times I didn’t think about it at all. The device reminds me it is there. If I sit down without adjusting, my balls can end up under me. Since the base ring keeps my balls out in front of my body, they can’t retreat and escape. I’m reminded that I am locked into the device.

Enforced male chastity doesn’t just affect my ability to ejaculate. It also refocuses my sexual attention. BEC I was focused on ejaculating. I was horny and I needed to ejaculate. My arousal was directed toward my ability to ejaculate. Under enforced male chastity arousal is an objective of its own. Even when I’m directly stimulated by Mrs. Lion, I have no assurance it’s going to end up in ejaculation. In fact the vast majority of the time it doesn’t.

I’ve learned to refocus on the fun of climbing the arousal mountain, not getting over the top. It’s very different to me than it was when my goal was to get off. After years of enforced male chastity, I’m not sure that I haven’t also undergone some physical changes. It could well be that one of the reasons my orgasms are longer and more interesting is because I’m releasing hormones differently than I did when my goal was just to ejaculate.

In fairness, I have to say that it takes just as long for me to go from being very aroused to ejaculating as it did BEC. In that respect, there is no physical change. The only demonstrable change is the way my orgasm feels. I may never be able to explain why it changed. I guess it really doesn’t matter. I like my orgasms much better now.