I poked around last night and couldn’t find our supply of coconut oil. I know we have it. I just don’t know where it is. I guess that means I’m back to unpacking.

Just to prove I don’t know what I’m doing, I was sure Lion wasn’t getting anywhere when I was milking him. He didn’t seem to be getting any harder. He wasn’t making any noises. The only thing that seemed to be happening was that I was getting a little achy. Normally I can deal with achy if I think I’m having an impact on things. I’m not sure how long I tried but I finally told Lion we were done.

Before he got comfortable on his back, I told him to lay across the bed so I could give him some oral attention. Again, he didn’t seem like he was getting anywhere. He did get a little hard but he was still fairly soft when I asked my weenie why he was ignoring me. Lion said he thought he was getting somewhere. It felt good. That’s all I need to hear. If it feels good, I’ll keep chugging along.

I was doing some of my best stuff. Tongue movements, varying the speed, more pressure, less pressure, etc. and Lion was still semi-soft. But then, he was making his I’m-near-the-edge noises. I kept going and I got some cream filling. I’m sure he probably could have produced more semen if I’d edged him a few times, but I’m happy with what I got. It was the whipped cream on my happy birthday.

I do wonder, however, what was up with the lack of weenie hardness. It wasn’t that it took a long time to rev him up. I think the milking did its fair share of getting him excited. The fact that he said he was getting somewhere when I didn’t think he was is strange too. To be clear, this isn’t the difference between hard and super hard. This was more like the times we give up because he’s stalled out.

I don’t think Lion is broken. He did get to an orgasm, after all. And I’ll be sure to keep an eye on my weenie to see if this trend continues. Plus, it’s fun to keep an eye on my weenie.