Snuggling Sweet Spot

I didn’t think Lion would be particularly horny last night since he had an orgasm Sunday night. However, I didn’t think he’d snooze most of the evening away. Normally when he snoozes, he seems almost belligerent when I don’t want to snuggle later on. He says there’s no reason to not snuggle or play just because he took a nap. But he also says if we wait too late he can’t perform.

I guess this is one of those times when our communication breaks down. Why would he be upset with me for not wanting to snuggle if it’s late when it was his “fault” for snoozing? I’m not the one who snoozed. I didn’t delay anything. Can’t I have a “sweet spot” too? Maybe I was all set to snuggle but was met with a soft snoring noise. Maybe my snuggle time has passed.

Obviously I don’t really have a time frame for snuggling. We can do it any time. I just have a problem when he snoozes and then makes me feel like I’m wrong for not rushing over to snuggle when, ordinarily, he’d tell me it was too late to do anything. I suppose this is toddler behavior too. And, for that matter, punishable because it’s annoying. But I am reluctant to add a punishment before we’ve discussed things. Consider this the discussion.

Tonight is a busy television night for us. Not that we can’t pause for the purpose of snuggling and/or playing. I don’t have any idea how horny Lion is, but snuggling works in any case. And I suppose it doesn’t matter too much how horny he is if I want to do something to him anyway.

By the way, I found it odd the other night that Lion found having his balls tied up distracting. Usually that gets his motor running. I’m not quite sure what that means in terms of his liking bondage or not, but I thought it was strange. It certainly doesn’t mean he’ll feel that way every time I tie his balls up. It’s not like I’m refusing to do it anymore. It’s just weird. Maybe he’s just more into getting his butt swatted nowadays.

[Lion — I was surprised that having my balls tied was distracting. I’m not sure that this is a trend or change. It could just be the way my body was reacting at the time. I’m not annoyed with Mrs. Lion when I wake up and she feels it’s too late to snuggle. I’m grumpy because I fell asleep at all. It’s not like I plan to take a nap. It seems to just come over me. One minute I’ll be watching TV and chatting, the next I find myself waking up half hour or an hour later. This feels like a piece of time disappeared. I’m happy that Mrs. Lion will take note of behavior that annoys her. I’m sure spankings will be more frequent now that 3.0 is here]

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  1. “But I am reluctant to add a punishment before we’ve discussed things. Consider this the discussion.” LOL you gotta love this! Thanks for the great blog.

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