Caged Again And A Spanking Mystery

I asked for it in my post yesterday. I said that I wanted Mrs. Lion to lock me up in a male chastity device again. Later, in the evening, I mentioned it to her again. She was having a problem with feeling comfortable. She had spent the day working around the house and I think she had done a little too much. Even so, when I reminded her that she planned to lock me up, she said,

“Oh yes, I remember. Which cage do you want?

“How about the Cherry Keeper?”

frong view of cherry keeper cage on lion's penis
The headlock feature keeps the head of my penis firmly in place with my urethra nicely centered.

“Okay I’ll get it out.”

Mrs. Lion struggled a bit getting the head of my penis past the headlock in the Cherry Keeper cage. Eventually, she got it in and locked the cage shut. Once the cage was in place, I started having second thoughts. It’s not that the cage is uncomfortable. The Cherry Keeper is both very light in weight and fits perfectly. I hardly know it’s there. It’s also very good at keeping my urethra nicely centered in the opening meant for it. It’s just that I like being wild. I told that to Mrs. Lion. She smiled and said,

“I know you do.”

“Will you unlock me if I want?”

“We can discuss that in June.”

June? That’s six months away. That’s the problem with asking my lioness to do something for or to me. Once she does, it goes out of my control and usually ends up getting me into trouble. I do like being wild. But I also miss the penis bondage provided by a chastity device. I like the ability to easily use the toilet and occasionally play with it and make it hard. Obviously, I can’t do that anymore.

cherry keeper on lion's penis side view
The Cherry Keeper cage is quite short. It nestles between my balls and is invisible under clothing.

There is very little difference in my sex life whether I am caged or not. Mrs. Lion controls 100% of my sexual pleasure. I get to ejaculate when she decides it’s time. It doesn’t matter whether or not I’m wearing a chastity device. I suppose when I’m wild, there’s that tiny chance I might cheat and get myself off. Mrs. Lion and I both know that I won’t do that. I might have years ago before I got so well-trained. The simple fact is I’m thoroughly conditioned to give ownership of my sexual pleasure to my lioness.

After I started writing this post, I sent Mrs. Lion an email asking her if she was serious about six months minimum in the chastity device. She wrote back that she was kidding. She didn’t say what the joke was. Did she mean that she might unlock me sooner if I wanted? Or, did she mean that June wasn’t when we could discuss it? She might not have any intention of discussing it or unlocking me. It could be that my wild lion days are over.

When we began enforced male chastity, the rule was that I stay locked in a chastity device except when she wanted to tease me or when I had some good reason to be wild, such as a doctor’s appointment when I would have to remove my pants, or business trip. In other words, my usual state was to be locked into a chastity device.

After about three years of this, I needed surgery which required me to be wild not only for the operation but for my recovery as well. It was for a torn rotator cuff. The recuperation lasted three months. I ended up being wild considerably longer. I got used to being able to deal with my penis as I wished so long as I didn’t give myself an orgasm. I could test toys to see if they made me very aroused. I could do limited play with my penis. I suppose being wild gives me a sense of ownership of my penis.

That’s exactly how I feel when I’m allowed to be wild without Mrs. Lion being present. That feeling disappears very quickly when my penis is caged. Mrs. Lion keeps the key in a safe. It’s a real safe with a digital combination lock. I don’t know the combination. She is the only one who can free my penis. I know that it’s really not mine. It’s her weenie to do with as she wishes. That’s different than letting her control my penis’ pleasure. In the first case, she takes what she wants and it has nothing to do with me. She locks it up, she unlocks it and plays with it or does nasty things to it as she wishes. Then she puts it away in its cage until she wants to play again.

When I’m wild, I let her give me pleasure if she wishes, tease me, or do nasty CBT. There’s actually no difference in the physical activities. The difference is in my head. It’s absolutely impossible for me to claim ownership of my penis when it is in a chastity device. I can’t touch it, play with it, or do anything else with it other than urinate. And I do that through an opening in the bars. I get sexual attention at the pleasure of Mrs. Lion. I can’t fill in with any sexual pleasure of my own.

bleeding areas on lion's butt

We are both puzzled about why I would bleed during a spanking. I’ve heard from one other man who is in a domestic discipline relationship that in the beginning, he would bleed during spankings. It isn’t that Mrs. Lion is hitting so hard that the edge of the paddle would break my skin. The edges are safely rounded and the entire paddle is finished in a smooth lacquer

One theory that I have is that the skin might crack in places and allow blood to escape. The areas that bleed tend to be swollen with a leathery feel. That’s normal in a spanking. I’ve always gotten those when Mrs. Lion whomps me hard. I didn’t necessarily bleed.

It occurred to me that maybe my skin is too dry. So, I have been putting moisturizer on my behind. If my theory is correct, there should be much less bleeding. Another argument in favor of the dry skin theory is that I still bleed when Mrs. Lion puts me in panties before spanking me. The panties would definitely protect me from any sharp edges. However, there is no change in the blood appearing. It doesn’t seem to come from large areas. It seems that the cut opens here and there. Usually, by the end of the spanking, there is no trace of the bleeding continuing.

It’s obviously not dangerous since there are no open sores. The toys, as well as the underwear Mrs. Lion is now making me wear, have never been used with anyone else. When Mrs. Lion gets blood on her paddle, she cleans it thoroughly. She’s decided, and I completely agree, that the bleeding is not an issue and shouldn’t have any effect on her spanking.

I would love to know why this is happening. I’m very glad that it isn’t scaring Mrs. Lion away. For the record, her spankings are pretty severe but not so brutal that she bruises me very often. In fact, the last two spankings did not result in any bruises at all. The paddle she uses, the Hanson ferule, stings like crazy and often hurts for a long time, but rarely leaves much in the way of bruising. Some bruising is desirable since it is what gives me painful reminders for a day or two after the punishment. Some spankers I’ve known, use a second instrument for the bruising. Mrs. Lion may have to go to that strategy.

Very few disciplined males write about their actual punishments. That’s because when you do, the people who want jerk off fodder will read the posts as BDSM porn. None of us want that. On the other hand, non-porn conversations about effective spanking would benefit those of us who have been trying to find our own way. So far, my discussions of the subject have elicited a combination of personal porn comments, which I delete, and obscene criticism claiming that Mrs. Lion is an abuser. Conspicuously absent are comments from other couples in a similar lifestyle. I’m not sure how we can promote this but I’m hoping that if you share a domestic discipline relationship, you can provide input as to how you handle punishment.

Meanwhile Mrs. Lion and I will go on doing the best we can. I’m very proud of Mrs. Lion’s ability to give me an effective punishment spanking. She can actually spank me enough that I will work very hard to avoid another spanking. That was the goal. She’s done an amazing job as my disciplinary wife. I’m eternally grateful to her.


  1. I am punished in a multitude of ways. My Queen’s favourite appears to be the zapper! She does spank me but it isn’t her go to thing. She has generated two separate bruises with two strikes of our most wicked paddle. Those bruises were almost immediate. And she felt so bad that she stopped that particular spanking.
    I have felt her spankings days later. And there have been marks left on my ass for days. In fact someone at the gym has asked me about the weird shaped bruise on my ass at the gym a few days after a spanking. I had forgotten they still showed.
    Usually when I am spanked she aims for a number of hits! That number is unknown to me. It is just going towards lowering my overall punishment number. And she may very well use multiple implements. Further she may decide one of my cheeks isn’t as red as the other and may focus on that cheek exclusively until it “catches” up in colour! Sometimes I can’t understand how the cheek isn’t the same colour—I mean it has to be! lol

    1. Author

      Mrs. Lion has a much more limited set of punishments. For serious offenses I am spanked. For less serious ones I can be made to stand in the corner, sit in the corner on my punishment stool. She also soaps my mouth.

      Spanking is definitely the punishment of choice. She has a selection of paddles she can use. Like your Queen, she seeks to achieve uniform red on my bottom. There is usually some bruising. I was spanked last night and I can definitely feel it as I sit at my desk.

      If an offense is more serious, she handles that by increasing the timing of my spanking from five minutes to double that or more.

      1. It all works. Different strokes for different folks! lol. But I tell you 100 or more zapps at maximum power isn’t fun either.

        1. Author

          I can imagine!!!

  2. Wish I’d been a reader when this was published, ayear ago. As a former participant in a FLR-DD relationship, I could have said quite a bit. .
    Here’s one thing…I enjoyed being spanked. No matter how hard, when it was Funishment, playful, or roleplay.
    I hated the rare Punishment. Those made me angry, sullen, grouchy, withdrawn, and probably why I ended the FLR-DD phase of our relationship.

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