Review: Cherry Keeper: Custom Cage I

new custom cherry keeper chastity device
This is a rendering of my custom Cherry Keeper. Notice the sharp taper. Also notice the wide headlock that will keep the head of my penis “locked” inside the cage.

The custom Cherry Keeper chastity device arrived. At first glance, Mrs. Lion thought it was smaller than the stock, short cage. Actually, it’s narrower but longer. It also has a much wider “headlock”. The actual dimensions of this cage corresponds to the measurements of my penis head.

If you look at the picture of the original, stock cage, it looks like a good deal of penis skin overflows behind the cage itself. It turns out that this was due to the fact that the entire head of my penis wouldn’t fit into the cage. The new cage is long enough to accommodate the entire head. You can easily see the difference.

Lion's penis in Cherrykeeper chastity device
This is the stock Cherry Keeper. It’s the short cage with the medium headlock feature. It’s too short to get the entire head in, so penis skin is “leaking” out.
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Getting this cage on is quite a challenge. The wide headlock requires the head to be forced through a fairly narrow hole. I spent a lot of time trying to get in. Finally, I used some silicone lube on the head and then was able to get it into the cage. At least I thought it was fully in the cage. After the cage was locked on, there was a bit of a gap between my urethra and the front opening. I reached a finger through the base ring and pressed my penis further into the cage. This did the trick now my head is completely inside and resting on the shelf. You can see the difference in the picture of me in the new cage (Below, right).

my penis in the new custom cage
It’s hard to believe but the new cage with the longer, narrower shape that’s a perfect job holding the head of my penis leaving no skin flowing out the bottom.
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I really didn’t expect that my penis would be so well accommodated in the new cage. As I wrote in an earlier post, I figured I would need another custom version with some cage extending below the headlock. It doesn’t look like that’s necessary at all.

In addition, the gap between the base ring and cage has been reduced by tipping the cage down at a 6° angle. The designer felt this is a very good thing to do. Now that I see in on me, I have to agree. The fit is much better.

It’s completely comfortable to wear this cage. The finish is excellent. Remember to order extra-cost premium finish. This is only available in white because colors are simply sprayed onto the plastic and will wear off during the smoothing process.

The material is medical-implant-grade nylon. It’s absolutely safe on the skin (at least the white color). I’m not aware I’m wearing it. This is easily the most comfortable chastity device I’ve worn to date.

It’s almost a shame not to get a custom-designed Cherry Keeper. 3D printing makes it possible to have a device that could never be crafted any other way.

penis skin leaking out of modified Cherry Keeper
Perhaps adding a solid guard below the cage will help manage the penis skin still “leaking” out. (The arrow points to it)
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I think my custom cage needs a little more work. We are discussing reducing the length to get my urethra in firmer contact with the front. We are also talking about perhaps putting a solid guard behind the cage to help contain some of the skin that “leaking” out. The nice thing about 3D printing is that the designer simply has to change the drawings and we can print a brand-new modified cage.

Some time ago I wrote about my thoughts on the 1 inch cage. Essentially, I thought that the cage was just long enough to contain the head of the penis, the rest of it would pack and behind it and the base ring. The Cherry Keeper with the headlock proves that’s correct. I’m very happy with this design. Truthfully, I was also very happy with the stock Cherry Keeper as well.

You can get the base ring and the cage from Shapeways for less than $100 shipping included. If you order the headlock, I strongly suggest getting the “large” or “extra-large”. These come with shelves quite wide and require work to get the head of the penis inside the cage. However the medium or small versions don’t provide enough of a shelf to really do the job.

I give this product my unqualified endorsement. Whether you try the stock version for a custom one, I think you’ll find it to be the most comfortable and stable chastity device on the market.


    1. Author

      I think you’ll find it really great. Even though this first modification is slightly off, it’s easily the most comfortable chastity device I’ve ever worn. Here’s a link to the site where you can order one:Click here.

    2. Interesting idea with the shelf behind the glans!! Looks great on you too!!

  1. Thanks for the excellent review! I still wear my Queen’s Keep from Mature Metal but, I really like the headlock! I’m small enough that I can slip out of most cages I’m tried. This looks like the answer to true enforcement of 24×7 chastity. Thanks again!

    1. Author

      Good luck!

  2. Wondering about removing difficulties when it needs to be removed.

    1. Author

      It comes off like every other cage. Once the cage is unlocked from the basement, the cage disengages easily. We haven’t had any problems removing it even though the headlock leaves a fairly small opening. According to the maker, if the cage is locked on, the headlock makes it much more difficult to pull out. I’m not sure at all about this. The principal value of the headlock for us is that it keeps the head of my penis infirm contact with the top of the cage at all times.

  3. I appreciate your review and am considering order one for myself. Question: you say to order the premium finish and it’s only in white. On the page for the devices, there seems to be black premium versatile plastic as well as white. Or did you order an “after production” finish? If so, how do you specify it? TIA.

    1. Author

      As far as I know, I am only aware of the white premium finish which is what I ordered and like very much. I believe that the maker commented on the black version on chastity mansion. I don’t really have any information.

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