Do Resuscitate

I swatted Lion again Thursday night. This time it was for annoying me on Wednesday. He wondered if his bleeding was because of dry skin. He’s been moisturizing for a few days. Still, I had him wear panties. I think I swatted harder. There was only a small spot of blood when I was done. Either he’s right about dry skin or I really didn’t swat harder.[Lion — She swatted harder!] Or maybe his hide is getting toughened up. In any case, the next time Lion needs a reminder of how to behave, he will get it without panties.

This morning, in our emails back and forth, he said his butt was sore. I suggested he think about what he did to get that sore butt. If he can remember punishment day and not annoy me, maybe he won’t have so much trouble sitting down. While we’re on the subject, it just occurred to me that his not following the rules is annoying to me. So why did I change the lesser infractions to funishments? Hmmm. Maybe this is 3.0 talking. Maybe, once I get in the habit of catching and punishing him for the more serious offenses, the lesser ones will cease to be funishments. Maybe 3.0 just needs to step up and find more rules.

Lion was in his cage for a day. He managed to spray pee all over the toilet and the floor around it. He cleaned it up like a good boy, but yuck! Is it really worth it to have him be caged if he’s going to make a mess? I don’t think so. Actually I told Lion I didn’t want to unlock him last night. He said he thought I had plans to play with him. I did. But I didn’t want to put the cage back on. This was before we decided he should stay wild because of the pee spraying problem. I don’t mind when the cage is on or off. I don’t even mind taking it off. It’s putting it on that annoys me. Every time he gets a new one I think it’ll be better. Either it’s a bitch to line up the cage with the base ring or the lock is difficult or I have to jam the head into something. I know he likes having the cage on (until he thinks about it and realizes he’s caged again) but I’m happier when he’s wild. Of course, I don’t share his bondage needs.

I finally agreed to take it off and I played with him. I’m not even sure I got him to the point of being convincingly hard. He was on his way and then plateaued again. I even thought about telling him I’d leave the cage off until he could get to the edge. I figured that could go one of two ways: either he’d see the cage as a reward for getting hard or he’d figure I’d given up on him. I didn’t know which way so why risk it? Plus, do I really want him trying to get hard so I have to wrestle with the cage again?

I think I’m as undecided about the cage as he is. He wants it on until it’s on and then he thinks better of the idea. I don’t care if it’s on or off; I just don’t want to have to put it on. We’re quite a pair.

One thing I am decidedly decided about is the fact that I’m not giving up on trying to get Lion to the edge. I don’t think he’s broken. I won’t give up until a doctor tells me there’s no hope of revival. Do not resuscitate. Until then, I’ll do what I can for him.


  1. i think he should learn to sit and pee it makes life easier.
    keep on trying
    thanks for sharing

    1. Sitting and peeing doesn’t work well for me. The flow isn’t nearly as good.

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