Punishment Corner

We went out to dinner last night. We’ve been searching the area for new haunts. It will come as no surprise to you that Lion and I have different ideas about restaurants. I like going places I know the food, like Applebee’s and Burger King. Lion likes diners and family-owned places. Fortunately for Lion, we have to go pretty far to find a chain restaurant. Last night’s outing was to an Italian restaurant. It wasn’t bad. A little pricey and not on the same level as our favorite Italian restaurant but much closer.

After dinner we watched TV. We talked about playing and Lion snoozed a bit. I decided it was too late for anal play but I was up for oral play. Lion was up for it too. I don’t know how long we were at it but eventually Lion hit his plateau. I thought we might actually make it. Maybe it was too late. Maybe I’ve lost my touch. Maybe he’s now tired of oral. Maybe he needs mechanical intervention.

I really was looking forward to an oral orgasm. But now I’m wondering if he needs a visit from the Magic Wand. It’s tried and true. I could even try the new fingertip vibrator I bought. One of them will work. Or maybe the answer is simply an earlier start to the festivities. We can try again tonight. I know we keep saying we’ll try earlier and then things delay us. We’ll need to make more of an effort.

Last night Lion suggested French toast for breakfast. At first I thought he wanted to use the bread he just made, but then I remembered we got some cinnamon bread. I told him he could make it. I always do breakfast. For a while, he was in charge of weekend breakfasts and then I took over again. I thought it would be nice for him to do it.

When he went into the kitchen he realized he was in trouble. I asked him why. He forgot to set up the coffee pot. Uh oh. It seems when things are thrown off their routine, he forgets the coffee pot. There are times he never goes into the kitchen at all. Since most of the boxes have been moved out of the way, he ventures through the house more. When he makes it to the kitchen, he usually remembers to do the coffee pot.

For his indiscretion, he’ll either get time on the punishment stool or a mouth soaping. I haven’t come up with any other funishments yet. I don’t consider Icy Hot on his balls to be a funishment. Standing in the corner can be. Maybe I’ll have him do that tonight. We have the perfect corner right near the closet. I could get a sign made up that designates it the “Lion Punishment Corner”.


  1. I see you’re just as sick and demented as ever.

    1. Author

      I see you’re just as judgmental as ever

  2. Mrs. Lion,

    the morning duties, for me, can include omissions. Due diligence is enforced by loving correction. Mrs. Lion’s bitch has found one of life’s blessings.


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