New Found Toys

hsit brush
This us similar to the brush Mrs. Lion found when packing toys.

Mrs. Lion has been packing away our toy collection. It’s large. Under a pile of insertables, she found a hairbrush. It’s heavier than the one I gave her for our anniversary. It’s also narrower and has deep grooves in the back. I vaguely remember finding it years ago. I’ve been looking for hairbrushes on and off as long as Mrs. Lion and I have been together. I don’t have a hairbrush spanking fetish. I wasn’t spanked the child. I admit that I’m curious and I know Mrs. Lion likes to try different things.

For many years I collected various impact toys. I would find them at various large “conventions” I attended. There were always vendor tables. A few were populated by well-known whip makers and quite a few people who had a woodworking hobby. I rarely left an event without ordering a custom flogger and buying a paddle or two. In case you wondered, floggers are a lot like tennis rackets; the grip is manufactured to match my hand; the size and the weight and balance are right for me.

This was all during time I was a top. Oddly, I bought CBT toys. Since I didn’t play with male bottoms, they were obviously intended for eventual use on me. It’s true that every now and then I would bottom. Those toys didn’t get any real use until Mrs. Lion. She seems to really like cock and ball torture. But I digress.

When it comes to impact, Mrs. Lion is a paddle person. From the very beginning when she spanked me foreplay, she preferred a paddle. She also did some hand spanking as well. She has a surprisingly powerful hand. When it comes to punishment, it’s a paddle all the way. She’s had lots of opportunities to perfect her technique. She’s taken full advantage of those opportunities and has become a very effective spanker.

I’m a little surprised that she hasn’t settled on one or two “favorite” paddles. Each one requires a different technique to deliver maximum pain. When I asked her why she kept changing paddles, she told me that she didn’t want me to get bored. She needn’t worry. From my end of the paddle, the spoon shaped heavy paddle is her most effective weapon. Next, is the smaller, lighter tenderizer. The large tenderizer is heavy and thuddy. It might do more damage, but I like the thud. I hate the stinging blows from the smaller tenderizer.

So far, Mrs. Lion hasn’t been able to do much bruising. If you wonder why she might want to, consider that bruises tend to stay tender for a day or two. Otherwise, I stop feeling my spanking after an hour or two. It may be a matter of finding the right tool to use when she wants to inflict a bruise. I know several tops who have a paddle specifically for that purpose. I don’t know which of ours would be good for that, but then that’s not my job.

Mrs. Lion has suspended the spilling rule for the time being. It’s really not fair to penalize me for spilling. My vision is poor and I can’t really tell where the food is going. I am due for surgery on Thursday. I’m very concerned about this. They’re operating on my one functioning eye. Even if the operation is a complete success, my good eye will be bandaged overnight and I will be completely blind. If there are any complications even small ones, I could be without vision for some time. Needless to say this is not something I want to do. I plan to talk to the doctors later today to look for alternatives. Part of the reason they are anxious to do this quickly is that the only way to keep the pressure down in the good eye is by giving me pills with lots of side effects. One of them is that I am sleepy all the time. I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Best of luck Lion. I hope it goes well for you. Is there any hope for your other eye? The bad one?

    1. Author

      The other eye isn’t actually bad. A day after glaucoma surgery, something started bleeding inside that eye. The bleeding stopped soon after but left a lot of blood inside the eye itself. Some of the blood got to the back of the eye into that jelly there. While the lot of the front drained relatively quickly, the blooded back still present. Eventually, it’s supposed to clear itself. It’s been three months and shows a little progress, but not enough for me to see. So, after the glaucoma surgery of the right eye the plan is to clean out the blood in the back of the left eye. I should have reasonable vision in that I once the blood is gone.

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