Torture Book

I packed the big toy box with all the toys that were in the dungeon. There are more upstairs, and even more in the camper. We have a lot of toys. And this is after donating a lot of them to the local sex positive center. And we keep buying more. Not that that’s a problem. I just think we forget what we have. Maybe I need to go back to my inventory roots and make a list. I could take a picture of each item and give a description. Then I could make up a torture book. I’m joking but I bet that would be useful. We’d know how many six inch dildos we have and how thick they are. We’d know what kind of wood paddle X is made of.

When things calm down, (if they ever do) I may just do it. It would be good to know exactly what we have. I know there have been times I’ve wished we had a certain type of paddle only to find it months later in a drawer. It would save Lion money, too. He wouldn’t buy a paddle we already have. I don’t know that he’s done it, but I guess I’d find out if I made a list.

I found toys I didn’t even remember we had. I don’t know what it’s called but we have something we used as a ball crusher. I haven’t seen that in years. It was in a drawer in the dungeon. Out of sight, out of mind. I think that’s probably what happened to the toys under the bed. I packed them up to get them away from prying eyes and forgot about them myself.

I now have a new project. After we move and unpack, I’ll start on the torture book. Poor Lion. I’m going to rediscover so many useful things.


  1. The Torture Book sounds like a great idea! We also have toys all over the place – a couple of sacks in the garage (helpfully labelled “Master Bedroom”), in a couple of assorted toy bags, in the head board, in both of our closets, in the night stands – you get the idea. We also have a nice, fairly large, 6-drawer black leather chest that we picked up a the Home Consignment Center, for the express purpose of using it to store toys. It, of course, is completely empty.

    In at least a couple of cases, I’ve bought replacement toys for ones we couldn’t find, which causes the missing items to immediately re-surface, of course. We should get rid of the duplicates.

    I think you’re right – it’s time to make a kink inventory database, and sort everything into that nice set of drawers. Maybe during the winter…

    1. I like the idea myself. It probably makes sense to be a physical book. Each page set up in Word with the color picture and a good description. In might end up looking like the catalog for a nice BDSM supply store. By the way, the mysterious, ball-crushing toy Mrs. Lion came across is a twitch. Cruel horse trainers use it on horsey lips. Cruel lionesses use it on poor lion balls.

  2. This is a great idea. A catalog of pictures would be most useful to you I would think. I might just do that myself.

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