Every Lioness Needs A Sturdy Hairbrush

my spanking hairbrush
This is the hairbrush I got for Mrs. Lion. It is light weight but packs a powerful sting. Click image to go to buying page.

It was great being with Mrs. Lion on our anniversary. Sex didn’t work out. I got her a small gift: a square paddle hairbrush, the traditional size and shape used for old-fashioned spankings. The wood is light weight. I wondered if it would be a useful tool for her. To my surprise, when she gave it a test drive, it really hurt. I felt its lingering effect for hours afterward. It could have been that I was pre-tenderized by my much heavier spanking the night before. That is certainly a possibility. The only way to rule that out is to use the hairbrush again this weekend.

It could be that the heft of the implement is less important than I thought. I do know that lighter weight paddles produce more unpleasant sting. Heavier implements generate a deeper thud. For example, when Mrs. Lion uses the smaller, lighter tenderizer paddle it stings and is thoroughly unpleasant. The larger, heavier tenderizer hurts in a different way and for me, at least, is easier to take. The heavier paddle produces more marks.

I didn’t intend my hairbrush gift to open up a line of research. I just figured I would offer Mrs. Lion a way to deal with any problems I might cause when away from home. I was also curious about this very traditional form of punishment. After all, grandma didn’t want to brush her hair with a four or 5 pound hairbrush just so that she had something effective for spankings.

For less than $20, Mrs. Lion can detangle her hair and keep me well behaved. There is a hairbrush spanking subculture. These are people, both spankers and spankees who have a hairbrush fetish. We don’t. We do have a hairbrush -shaped paddle designed for over the knee or other close work. It’s much heavier and has no bothersome bristles. For a while, Mrs. Lion kept it in her purse. It’s heavy and impossible to explain should somebody see it. Her new brush looks right at home in her purse.

The other day in her post, she put me on notice that if my behavior went outside her behavioral “good lion box” I was in for it. One “it” was growling at me, which she did on the lawn when I complained about being abandoned. She made it clear that my bottom would be involved other times. Since moving is something that stresses me more than anything else, I’m pretty sure I will be outside her box fairly often. Believe it or not, I bought that brush long before she mentioned her box concept. I just thought it was something she should have. After all, every lioness needs a sturdy hairbrush in her purse.