Spanking Science

my bruised butt
Mrs. Lion has bruised me as you can see here. However, when she tells me she’s going to bruise me, very often it doesn’t happen. She needs a reliable method.

I guess you can think about spanking paddles the way you think about golf clubs. The thick wood one with holes is perfect for driving home the point. The long handled spoon shaped paddle is like a putter. It puts the message exactly where you will need it to go. You get the analogy.

The reason I thought about this is that after my spanking on Friday night, the seventh of nine then I am due, I noticed that Mrs. Lion was using yet a different paddle. I asked her why she kept switching. She uses a different one almost every night lately. She told me that she wanted me to have variety; different feelings.

I sighed and explained that depending on how hard she hits, they all hurt, some more some less. I’m not going to become a connoisseur of a particular spanking instrument; at least when I’m on the receiving end. We didn’t discuss it further. I wondered if she wasn’t doing herself a little disservice. Given the large number of daily spankings I’ve managed to earn, it might have given her a chance to perfect her technique with one or two favorite tools. On the other hand, it may make little difference to her which one she uses.

I have a couple of un-favorites. Her conveyor belt strap is probably the most painful of her tools. The spoon shaped long handle paddle is high on the list of devices I dislike. The bloodwood paddle with antiskid tape on one side always hurts like hell, particularly when she uses the antiskid side of the paddle.

This is not to say that I don’t dread any of her paddles. They all sting or thud most painfully. Her spankings seem to be longer in duration the past couple of days. Though her big finish with the extra hard swats seems to be pretty much the same. She has increased the number of groups of fast, sometimes hard swats on single spots. She never neglects my upper thighs. I hate that. On Friday night, it felt like she directed a couple of volleys to the area that spans my crack. It seems to me that particular area could probably handle more force.

When you read this, there should be just one spanking left (Sunday night). That is, unless I do some something stupid before then. By the way, we’ve been trying a somewhat different spanking position. I’ve been putting a pillow on the edge of the bed and then lying across it so that where my legs bend at the hip just goes over the edge. Mrs. Lion hasn’t commented about this so I’m not sure whether it’s helpful or not for her.

Anyway, these daily spankings have become a sort of habit. It might feel odd not getting one after Mrs. Lion takes her shower. I’m not suggesting this become a daily ritual. I genuinely dislike these sessions. However, I mentally prepared for one every night.

I’m a little surprised that only once or twice have I felt anything the next day. I suspect it’s not that Mrs. Lion is doing a poor job, it’s more likely that the broad face of paddles imparts short-term sting but little more penetrating force that is likely to create sore spots. I remember that one woman who spanked me at a party used two different implements. One was a paddle very much like the ones Mrs. Lion uses in the other was a narrow heavy implement. When she used it on me it didn’t hurt any more than the other paddle. I asked her why she switched? She answered that the second implement will leave me with bruises I’ll feel for at least a day or two.

Aha! Apparently the kind of spanking paddles I’ve been buying over the years are better suited for sting. I’m not exactly sure what sort of paddle would work better for the longer lasting lesson. The combination of the two would most certainly be the most memorable discipline for me. We have a heavy hairbrush sized rubber paddle. Maybe that if applied with enough force, would provide the longer-lasting effect. Maybe the conveyor belt strap, if used with enough force would do the trick. I suppose I’ll find out. One or both of us will let you know if Mrs. Lion decides to experiment.


  1. Curious Lion, you’ve never bought a cane! Canes might leave marks that last for days and might also leave lasting and painful bruises. With your penchant for finding paddles and other implements of torture for your Lioness, I would have thought you’d have also purchased a few canes. This thought just occurred to me.

    1. Canes are also very easy to swing as they are of lighter weight… so easier for Mrs. Lion??

    2. We have canes. I’ve used them in the past. My aim was never very good and I was always afraid I would go “out of bounds” and really hurt Lion. I think it was about a month ago I mentioned bringing the canes out again but I never did.

    3. Author

      We have a nice collection of canes. I’m pretty good with one. Unlike paddles, canes can do a lot of damage. To use one safely requires practice and hopefully some expert instruction. I’ve attended several workshops on proper use. It’s a sort of art. Yes, even my butt will have lines on it after a caning that will last for several days.

      1. It’s very true that canes take time to learn how to use properly. I don’t think you’ve ever mentioned them in your posts. Though I could be in error.

        1. Author

          I’ve never mentioned them because I don’t really consider canes a domestic spanking implement. They are certainly capable of delivering substantial sensation, but they do require practice and hopefully training to use. I don’t want to point people in that direction.

  2. We, too have a rather large collection of spanking implements, especially paddles and hairbrushes. My wife love her variety apparently as does Ms. Lion. Our collection of paddles includes many that have come out of my own wood shop so I guess I have no one to blame.

  3. We use a variety of spanking implements (the handle on my toy bag broke recently due to the weight of its contents). I’ve used canes quite a bit, and with practice one can deliver an extremely wide range of sensation with them. Certainly I can leave long-lasting marks (that are also quite painful at the moment of impact), but I can also give my wife a long (30 minutes or more) session of almost complete pleasure, up to and including an orgasm. It’s all in the way they’re used.

    My wife detests paddles in general, precisely because they are stingy rather than thuddy. Because of this, our non-cane implements have gravitated towards heavier club-type things; a paddle used on edge can also work this way. These can leave visible bruises for several days, but even if the bruises aren’t apparent, she can still feel the tenderness for as long as a week.

    As with a cane, skill and care are necessary with the thumpers – most of the butt area is safe, but it’s critically important to avoid the coccyx (tailbone) at the base of the spine. Hitting that with a heavy hard device can fracture it, causing immediate, intense, and long-lasting pain (there’s no real way to splint it, so it just has to heal on its own – this can take as long as a year).

    Floggers are also popular in our household, and especially because of the broad range available can provide a really broad range of sensation. However, they really are more for play time rather than punishment (although I suppose that a whippy, cutty one could be used that way).

    So, perhaps something along the lines of a Fairy Duster (, invented by me, named after my wife, and sold by our friend Domina) might be a good choice for more memorable and educational spankings…

    1. Author

      Our spankings are not for play. I have lots of toys for BDSM. Like your wife, I hate paddles precisely for the same reason: they sting. I much prefer thuddy, but then again, spankings around here are to punish me.

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