Cross-eyed Lioness

I’ve been looking on my iPad for rentals. It’s amazing how long I can play games without my eyes hurting, but having to read descriptions and look at pictures is bothering me. This morning I made a comment that I’m tired of looking for now and Lion said we only drove by three houses. Some clarification was in order.

I woke up around 7 this morning so we could go tour a house we found yesterday. It’s on a lake. It’s also an hour away from our offices, in moderate traffic, which it never is. Since neither of us slept well, and we decided we hated the idea of that commute, we cancelled the tour. It’s going to be difficult to find a place that takes pets, has room for the RV, isn’t out of our price range and doesn’t have a horrible commute. Oh, yes. And Lion is still having trouble with stairs. Actually, even though Lion works from home more often than not, I don’t mind a longer commute to my job. Although, since I work in a small town, I might be able to find a better job if we’re closer to civilization.

Today we’re having my friend over for dinner. Quite coincidentally, she was told by her landlord she had 30 days to move out but that happened in November with holidays coming up and who wants to look for a house then? She managed to do it though. I’m hoping she can give us some tips. She also knows the area far better than we do so she’ll be able to tell us the areas to avoid.

On Friday night, I edged Lion and then left him wild. Yesterday we did some recon for three houses, took the dog for her bath and picked her up. I made dinner and looked for more houses. I was shot by 9. When we tried to snuggle, Lion was cold and wanted to be under the covers. I was hot. Thus ended our snuggling. I didn’t even spank him. I’m hoping we’ll have the energy to do it tonight.

This morning, Lion confessed that he forgot to tell me yesterday was punishment day. Geez! Another two days of swats for him. He doesn’t know why he keeps forgetting. I forgot too. And it’s making me wonder if I shouldn’t just suspend Saturday punishment day until we get our housing sorted out. Who needs one more thing to remember when you might be living in a cardboard box soon? Going forward, Saturday punishment day is on hold until further notice. I still owe him for previous infractions. Maybe we’ll be caught up with them by the time we find a new place. I’ve lost track of how many days I owe him. I’ll just keep hitting until he tells me I’m done. He’s an honest boy. I’m sure he’s been keeping track.

[Lion — If I’m spanked tonight, I will be caught up with the old sentence after another spanking tomorrow. Add two more days, and I’ll be done on Wednesday.]