More Drama in the Lions’ Den

On Thursday night, Lion received an email from our landlord. They’ve decided to sell the house and we need to be out by the end of August. Excuse me? We’ve lived here for thirteen years and we have to be out in less than 30 days? Lion told them it wasn’t possible so we’ve been allowed to stay through September. But now the hunt is on for another place.

As soon as Lion told me we need to move, I started looking online. He hates to move. We have so much stuff to get rid of and he can’t help. He then proceeded to tell me I procrastinate. I’m not sure how that got thrown in the mix at that particular point in time, but there it was. I guess maybe it was because I was looking for someplace to live rather than worrying about the logistics of getting all of our crap from point A to point B. It just seemed to me you have to find a point B before you can do anything else. Plus, it was 9:30 at night and I was exhausted from lack of sleep. I’m not sure I had the energy to worry.

After about twenty minutes of both of us looking for potential housing, Lion closed his iPad and announced that I’m better at finding houses than he is. I’d found the one we live in now so I must be a house guru. If this is true then I get to decide where we live. He should have no say in the matter. If I’m in charge then I’m in charge. Right? Wrong!

Lion has been talking about FLRD and enforced chastity being fantasies. If I made all the decisions, I guess that would be someone’s fantasy. Not Lion’s. He does want me to make more of the decisions, but demanding we live in this house versus that house is not something I can do on my own. We are a partnership that just happens to practice FLRD. I decide when he gets played with. I decide when he has an orgasm. I decide if he needs to be punished. I may even decide what we eat for dinner, but our FLRD is not all encompassing. I can’t tell him I only want him to wear blue shirts. He might agree to do it, but I’d never ask. I can’t tell him to trade his car in on a Jeep. I’d love a Jeep, but it’s fairly impractical and has a habit of not being reliable.

This is not to say that Lion, all other boxes checked off, won’t agree to a house that I like over one that he likes. I think it would depend on how big the things are that are different. If the kitchens have all the same amenities but Lion likes one over the other and the yards are similar but I like the bigger patio on this one, I could see Lion giving on the kitchen. In that respect, we’re just like everyone else. We need to make the big decisions together. And so we’re off to do a drive-by on some of the houses we’ve seen online to see if we can eliminate them based on actual appearance or neighborhood before we request tours. Wish us luck!


    1. Thanks. It took us completely by surprise.

  1. We faced a similar situation – 30 days notice to move out of our (large and very filled) house. for the same reason. We ended up buying the property, but if we hadn’t it would clearly have been nearly impossible to vacate in the allotted, and clearly inadequate, time.

    My philosophy on the matter was simply this: We would have made our best efforts to find a new place and move as soon as possible. If the landlord wasn’t happy with our progress after the contractually agreed time, then they might choose to initiate eviction proceedings against us. These typically take three to six months to be enforced, especially if we continued to pay rent; by then, we would have completed our move.

    With this explanation, and the promise of continued rental income during the move-out period, it simply wouldn’t make sense for the owner to incur the costs of eviction proceedings. Of course, it’s still his right to do so, but as long as it’s clear and obvious that you’re making your best efforts to complete the move, this strategy might buy you the time you need.

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