Should I Put My Base Ring On?

cherry keeper basering
It’s my job to thread my balls and penis through the base ring. Mrs. Lion then puts on the cage and locks it. This is the base ring for my Cherry Keeper chastity device in place waiting for the cage.

After all these years (six so far), things have gotten much more casual around the lion’s den. Lately, I’ve been allowed to run around wild most of the time. It seems that I need to remind Mrs. Lion to cage me. This may not just be an accident. Mrs. Lion may have a plan. It’s just that I’m starting to feel that I control whether or not I’m locked up. I’d much rather have my lioness back in control.

When it comes to punishment, Mrs. Lion is right on target. At least almost always on target. I’m not claiming she misses infractions when I commit them. She doesn’t. Sometimes, she puts off punishing me without telling me. I’m pretty sure she has a good reason for postponing things, but I always wonder whether it was because she forgot or because of something else. This is an opportunity for better communication.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being wild. I’m in no danger of giving myself an unauthorized orgasm. If Mrs. Lion chooses to let me run around wild, I want to know it was a decision not an oversight. I suppose the easiest way to do this is for Mrs. Lion to either tell me to put on my base ring or announced to me that she has decided to let me be wild. That way I know it’s her decision and not an oversight.

It’s important to me to know that she thinks about things like locking me in a chastity device, teasing me, or punishing me. The way I know that is if she tells me what is in store for me. I’m not claiming she should tell me when I’m going to have my next orgasm; that should be a surprise.

Speaking of orgasms, Miss Elaine wrote a comment suggesting that Mrs. Lion make me wait 15 to 30 days before my next orgasm. She went on to say that I should be teased often and intensely during that time. She also suggested that Mrs. Lion not tell me when I finally get to ejaculate. She believes that this relatively long period of intense teasing would help improve my responsiveness. Perhaps it could. It’s a reasonable suggestion that Mrs. Lion is absolutely capable of following. I don’t have any particular sense of whether or not that would make a difference. Mrs. Lion is not going to tell me if she’s going to try this. I’ll find out in retrospect.

There are a lot of things to remember when you are a keyholder and disciplining wife. They are things that are not necessarily second nature. When you’re tired after a day of working hard followed by extra chores because your lion is still not able to be as helpful as he was before the surgery, you’re even more likely to skip over “optional” activities.

Ironically on my side, I have less stimulation because there is a great deal less that I’m able to do. Little things, like being told to put on my base ring, become real events in my day. Teasing is a highlight. It’s personal attention and love. Even punishment is positive to me. It shows that even though I’m considerably less useful, I’m still important enough to train.

It’s very easy to feel lonely and isolated in my situation. It’s equally easy for Mrs. Lion to feel harassed and overwhelmed by the necessities brought on by my needs. I try to give her as much room as she wants. I think that’s the least I can do. That also puts distance between us. Little things like being left wild take on more importance to me. Snuggling and teasing are the highlights of my day. I spend most of my time alone. I’m working from the house because I don’t feel safe driving yet. Sitting alone at my desk naked becomes more significant when locked in a chastity device.

I think that we may need to discuss new rules that support the changes we have had to make. It may be just as simple as Mrs. Lion being more declarative in her wishes for me. She may need to be much more proactive in terms of keeping me in a chastity device.; Or, for that matter, consciously leaving me wild.

I’m steadily getting better and can do more and more things around the house. I’m hoping that I can be helpful enough to significantly reduce her burden. In the meantime, I’m deeply grateful to her for standing beside me and helping me. I can’t imagine having a better partner in life.

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  1. I’ve worn my stainless steel base ring continuously since 2002 with a few exceptions for a yearly doctor visit. My Wife is very demanding about me always being locked and I have been since 2003 with a once a month supervised unlocking for a shower.
    We have a stainless steel ball weight with a loop on it for attaching a leash that my Wife sometimes uses. She likes it because it makes it easy for her to pull or jerk my balls.
    Thank you for your information on the Cherry Keeper I have a standard with headlock on order in pink. It looks to be the best yet.

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