A Comfortable, Bargain Chastity Device

jail bird and chinese cage
On the left is the Chinese version of the Jail Bird. On the right is the original I have been wearing.

There are quite a few Chinese-made, inexpensive chastity devices. Most suffer from issues that make them very difficult to wear for much time. In my experience, the most problematic issue is the square-cornered, hinged base ring (see image, below-left). The hinge is irritating and the squared shape is also uncomfortable at least for me. Most of these rings come with a short piece of latex medical tubing that can cover the exposed hinge. This does help, but also introduces a problem of its own: the increased friction which is also irritating.

square base ring
This is the usual hinged base ring found on most Chinese chastity devices. The hinges pinch and the square edges are irritating to some.

Recently, there are some new devices that copy the styling of the Mature Metal, custom Jail Bird. I’ve been wearing a Jail Bird almost since we started enforced chastity. It has been completely comfortable and fits perfectly. I think the base ring design is the key to comfort. The Chinese copy is close enough to provide reasonable fit without pain.

Note that the Chinese device has a longer cage (1 3/4 inches) versus my Jail Bird (1 1/4 inch). There is a shorter version of the Chinese cage. You can find the longer version here, and the shorter one here. The shorter version is just slightly longer (1.33 vs 1.25 inches) than my Jail Bird. The cages are fairly similar. The Jail Bird has two bars across the top. The Chinese copy is open there.

base rings
The Jail Bird (Left) base ring and the Chinese copy (Right). Both rings are within 1 mm. of one another in inside diameter.

The cage diameter remains a small 1 1/10 inch diameter regardless of the cage length.  For comparison, my cage is 1 1/4 inches in diameter. My actual penis measurement is 1 1/2 inches.

the chinese base ring is bent away from your body. some say this adds comfort.
The Chinese base ring is bent away from your body. Some say this adds comfort.The other major differences are the shape and weight.

As you can see in the photo (Right), the Jail Bird ring is made of lighter steel. It is also an oval bent the “long” way. The Chinese ring is also an oval, bent the “tall” way. The Chinese ring is also bent horizontally (see image, Left). I’m not clear on the value of this shape, but some claim it rests against the body more smoothly.

The two rings in our comparison picture are the same diameter. I’ve heard claims that the bend in the Chinese ring makes it fit more loosely than the flat rings. This isn’t accurate. The shape of the ring, especially when the bends are so minor, will not affect fit. Regardless of which device you wear, base ring fitting is always difficult. See our fitting guide for suggestions on how to get the best fit.

lock on cage
The lock barely fits through the hole on the post. It can only fit the way it is shown in this image.

There is one quality issue that can affect this device’s comfort: the lock. As you can see in the image (Right), the lock sicks out from the side of the cage. The hole in the locking post is too narrow to allow the lock to rotate to the front of the device. I prefer the lock to extend over the top of the cage. There is no functional problem with the lock in the position shown. It should be easy to use a drill and enlarge the hole a little. The hole is drilled very close to the end of the post (Below, left). This will limit how much larger the opening can be drilled. It shouldn’t take much to give some play to the lock.

hole for lock in post.
Hole for lock in post.

This device looks like a very good choice for trying out enforced chastity. The fit won’t be perfect. No off-the-shelf device will have the fit that will give maximum comfort and security. Since these devices cost less than $40, they provide an inexpensive entry-level chastity device. The prices are based on listings on dhgate.com. This web site is a Chinese market for products from thousands of small companies. I’ve ordered many different products on this site and there hasn’t been a single problem. You do need to be patient. Delivery usually takes about three weeks after you purchase.

Trying it on
Mrs. Lion unlocked me and we removed the Jail Bird and put the Chinese cage on in its place. The base ring went on easily as expected. The cage is a bit narrower than the one on my Jail Bird, but it took no special effort to get it on. When Mrs. Lion snapped the lock shut, she commented on the small hole for the lock. Once on, the cage felt solid and didn’t move noticeably. I could feel a bit of vertical play in the Chinese cage, but not enough to make any real difference. Just as I expected, the cage is 1/2 inch too long. I’m sure the smaller version of this model would be a better fit. Since there are no cross bars in the front of the cage, peeing should be much easier even if the length is off.

For me, the gap between the base ring and the cage was fine. There is no pinching at all. This could be a problem for some. If the gap is too small, it would be easy enough to bend the pin back to open it up. I didn’t feel the extra weight of the thicker base ring. We did find a tiny, rough spot inside the cage at the top. The padlock needs smoothing on the edges. They are sharp. Both are easy to fix with some fine emery paper.

I think this cage is a great choice for a first chastity device. For bigger penises, there is a longer version (almost 2″ long) available too (link). There may be others even longer. My suggestion is to follow the instructions in our fitting guide. Bear in mind that the cage length can be more than 1/2 inch shorter than your flaccid length and still be comfortable. I’m sure that more Jail Bird copies will be created in the future and sold on dhgate.com. Given the very low price, I think this is a great way to get started in enforced chastity.