Happy Four Days Together

I’m leaving work today at noonish so I can take Lion to a doctor appointment and then we’ll have a four day weekend. In his email this morning, Lion said he thinks he needs to be spanked. He hasn’t done anything wrong. It’s just been a few days since I’ve whomped his butt. I told him we have four days to take care of his spanking needs. He replied with, “Four days of spanking? Oh my!”

Now, you’ll notice I didn’t say four days of spanking. That’s what Lion heard. Just like last weekend I said I wanted him to take a sleeping pill so he’d be rested for the weekend and he heard we’d be playing during the day on Saturday. Two different things. I think I’ll chalk it up to wishful thinking.

Of course, there was a possibility that we’d play during the day on Saturday. And, I suppose, there’s the possibility that I could spank him four days in a row. It’s just an example of our minds going in completely opposite directions. Lion is more focused on sex. I’m more focused on what needs to get done around the house or on finding some me time.

I do understand that Lion is basically trapped in the house unless I’m around to drive him somewhere. He’s starved for human contact. I’d love to be in his shoes. Even if I did make it out of the house I’d rather not have to deal with people. Again, we’re opposite. The key is to balance his need for contact and my need for solitude. It’s not easy. Lion feels lonely when I’m doing my own thing. I feel guilty that I’m trying to carve out some alone time.

With four days together, I’m sure we can figure out how to get things done around the house, have lots of Lion attention and some lioness solitude. It can be done.