Bread and Water

Lion being spanked
Lion’s spanked but modeling my whomping stick.
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Lion was too tired to go shopping this weekend. We’re going to try to do it tonight. I’m hoping not too many people want to be in Costco on a weeknight so it will go smoothly. Then we need to hit the grocery store so we can buy one or two onions instead of a 25 pound bag. Plus Lion has some prescriptions. Somewhere along the line we have to eat dinner and he’s already reminding me I need to start his punishment. If he could have just remembered punishment day on Saturday, he wouldn’t need punishment tonight.

Lion said his patented “poor me” when I assured him I would swat him tonight. I responded, “So sad.” with a wink. He gets no sympathy from me. He needs to follow the rules. I may not be kicking his ass, but I am whomping it. And it’s his own fault. One, because it was his idea to have me make rules for him. Two, because it was his idea to have me punish him for not following those rules. Three, because he breaks the damn rules. Four, because it adds more for me to do which is going to annoy me to the extent that I’ll hit harder or add days or mouth soaping or combinations of those.

He keeps encouraging me to add more rules and more variety in punishments. I just thought of an evil punishment. Maybe I should make him eat a peanut butter sandwich while I eat steak or some other thing he likes. Or cereal. It just has to be something not as appealing as whatever I’m eating. I’m not talking about making him eat something he would never eat. I always joke that I’ll make him eat a raisin as punishment. I wouldn’t go that far. The punishment has to make him realize he did something wrong and these are the consequences. That’s all. I don’t want to be vindictive.

I’m a nice meanie.

[Lion — I don’t think that would be an effective punishment. I don’t care that much about what I eat. I am happy that Mrs. Lion is approaching discipline seriously. At least I’m glad now. Later, I’ll be sorry. I know that. She’ll both hit harder and longer and repeat the punishment over more days. After all, this was the second week in a row I forgot to remind her that Saturday was punishment day.]