Punishment Days

My spanked butt
Mrs. Lion spanked me last night. She decided to make a strong impression as you can see. She drew blood. Ouch!
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This is one of those times when Mrs. Lion says she’s going to put one of the principles of our disciplinary relationship into practice. For the second time in a row, I forgot that Saturday was punishment day. She admits that she set the new day is a challenge for me; a challenge I failed for the second time.

We have both written about the need to improve reinforcement if a punishment fails to get the desired result. Almost all of the time, I’ve managed to learn my lesson after the first punishment. That’s not to say that over time I don’t slip back.

When we first began discussing and writing about using discipline, the basic principle was that I’m promptly and strictly punished for infractions. It’s expected that over time I might break the rule again and need a refresher. However, if I break that rule again too soon, it indicates that I didn’t receive a harsh enough penalty to make a strong impression. The theory is that repeated offenses are greeted with more severe punishments.

In her post on Sunday, Mrs. Lion brought this up again. She made it clear that this time she would be working to make a much stronger impression on me. This will be the first time she has implemented increasing punishments for repeat offenses. She speculated that she would probably add days of spanking to the three I would normally get for breaking a rule. She also said that she would be adding punishment desserts like mouth soaping on some of the days.

I was a little surprised to read that. I thought she had forgotten about the idea of accelerating sensations for repeat offenses. Silly me. My lioness doesn’t forget anything.

Within the last month or so, we’ve gone from a single disciplinary spanking for an offense to a series of spankings over several days. This change was necessitated because my hide seems to have toughened and I don’t feel the results of the strong spanking more than an hour or two after it’s completed. Mrs. Lion wants a much more lasting effect. She’s decided that minor offenses earn me a spanking a day for three days. More severe offenses and repeat offenses (apparently), extend the number of consecutive days I get spanked for the offense. They also increase the intensity of punishments and add punishment desserts.

I realize that some people may think this is unnecessarily cruel. It’s not. Mrs. Lion and I both agree that we need these changes to maintain her effectiveness as my disciplining wife. I am completely comfortable, if not happy, with this new regime. After all, the fact that I want to be spanked complicates Mrs. Lion’s disciplinary picture.

We’ve discussed changing my primary punishment into something other than spanking. Mrs. Lion likes using spanking and I agree that the changes we have made transforms the experience from an erotic BDSM exercise into real punishment. When she adds things like mouth soaping and corner time, the disciplinary interpretation of the spanking becomes even stronger.

Of course, all of this, even the parts I truly hate, are completely consensual. We’ve agreed that our disciplinary relationship serves us well. It emphasizes our roles and helps me focus on being much more aware of my lioness’ feelings. There is a website, “The Disciplinary Couples Club,” that offers weekly discussions on topics of interest to couples practicing domestic discipline. This particular website is focused on female dominant relationships.

It’s usually a good read and provides diverse viewpoints provided by both disciplined men and their disciplining wives. By reading this over time, I’ve learned that Mrs. Lion and I are not that different from others doing this stuff. The desire to be disciplined seems to originate from the men, who have an erotic interest in being spanked, and picked up by their wives.

It’s clear from what I read that, like Mrs. Lion and I, the spankings and other punishmentsr  are not erotic and are taken seriously by both partners. As I’ve written before, what starts out as a sexual desire, is easily converted to a tool that helps with behavioral modification. I’ve yet to find a man who didn’t want to be spanked and who is now being disciplined by his wife.

Obviously, we have no one to blame but ourselves. I certainly got myself into this pickle. There are times I’m very sorry that I did. Almost all of the time I’m grateful to Mrs. Lion for being my disciplining wife and I wish she continued to treat me strictly.


  1. The picture indicates that Mrs. Lion certainly took last night’s punishment seriously! Ouch!!

    1. Author

      Indeed she did! Despite how ugly it looks, I don’t have any sore spots today.

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