Lion Weekend Weather Forecast: Hot And Red

spanked while having balls held
Speaking of new things, ever since I found this picture, I’ve wondered how it feels to have Mrs. Lion do this to me. It seems especially vulnerable to have her holding my balls tightly and spanking me. What do you think, Mrs. Lion.

I got a one-day reprieve Thursday night. Mrs. Lion decided to give my rear day of rest between spankings. It was most welcome. I know I’m still owed at least one more and it will probably be delivered tonight (Friday) for Saturday. At the moment, I’m wild. Mrs. Lion unlocked me on Thursday night prior to snuggling with me. It was very pleasant.

I’m working on my full review of the Cherry Keeper chastity device. I’ve been wearing various incarnations of an for about a month now. I don’t want to give away everything, but I will say I’m very happy with both its maker, Josielynn, and the Cherry Keeper cage.

I suppose Mrs. Lion will have me back in my cage in the very near future. I haven’t been out of it long enough to miss it. How I feel about wearing it is completely beside the point. It goes on when my lioness wants it on, and it comes off when she decides to unlock me.

Mrs. Lion finished waxing my body last weekend. I suspect that will be my last full body waxing. She likes to see fur on my legs. It’s going to grow back and not come off again. I’m fine with this. It’s much more important to me that she finds me attractive than the small pleasure I get out of being completely hairless. Fortunately we agree that I should always support a full Brazilian. I also like having a hairless chest. Again, it’s more important that she likes the way I look.

The other night I was thinking about our enormous BDSM toy collection. I amassed it over more than 20 years of being a top. A few years ago, I donated a large number of toys to a local BDSM organization. I was thinking that maybe we should consider disposing of more items that Mrs. Lion will never use. Right now, it doesn’t matter since we have plenty of them for everything.

Speaking of room for things, I received a prostate massager the other day to review. I’m interested to see how it will affect me. I also realize that it’s been a lot of months since Mrs. Lion is shoved anything up my butt. Anal activities seem to have fallen off the radar. I’m not complaining. For quite some time all Mrs. Lion used was a butt plug anyway. However, I am obligated to review this toy and let you know how it works. Maybe, if it appeals to her, Mrs. Lion could consider resuming her pegging exercises.

lion with dildo up his ass
It’s been a long time since Mrs. Lion did this to me. (That’s us in the picture). Maybe we should start these again.

Last week she also mentioned thinking about using a cane instead of a paddle. So far, I haven’t seen a cane in our bedroom. I’m not complaining, mind you. Canes are very painful. I only bring it up now because I was impressed that Mrs. Lion was thinking independently about other ways to punish my bottom. I got a little twinge when I read she was thinking about using a cane again.

In her post yesterday, she mentioned that I have been very tired and that is gotten in the way of various activities. She’s right. I have been. My vision has been giving me trouble and I think the resulting eyestrain wears me out. However, I’m game Mrs. Lion wants to do something with me this weekend.

It really feels strange when I can’t help closing my eyes and snoozing. It just comes over me like a wave washing over me on the beach. It’s not that it’s happening at inappropriate times. Generally, these snoozes come after dinner. She suggested I take a sleeping pill which will help me get a full night’s rest. I will do that.

Have you heard that a generic version of Cialis (tadalafil) is now available? I’m delighted. For about 10 years I’ve taken Cialis now and then and it rewards me with exceptionally good erections. The website offers coupons for many prescription drugs. I was able to get 90, 5 mg Cialis generics for less than $50. In case you haven’t heard about it, a daily dose of 5 mg of Cialis essentially gives you the full erection benefits all the time. For only $16 a month I can now do that. Check it out if you’re interested. I got a 90-day supply for $48.

It looks like Mrs. Lion and I have some news to report this weekend. I’m glad; really glad. It’s been a long time since we let out all the stops.