My butt after Mrs. Lion’s pre-;lunch spanking.

In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion wrote that I was saved by a nap. She had planned to spank me before we left for our trip to the casino. By the time I woke up, she forgot. Her plan was to have me sitting on my freshly-spanked bottom in the car. Interesting.

It seems that there is an information gap when  it comes to Female Led Relationships with Discipline (FLRD) blogs. The few blogs I’ve found that talk about real-life FLRD couples assiduously avoid any details about actual punishments. I understand. They want to avoid appearing to be porn. There are a lot of spanking sites that cater to the sexual side of spanking.

The FLRD sites talk about the husband doing something wrong; they almost never talk about the offense. They then write how the wife takes the husband into the bedroom and spanks him. Ok, a spanking is a spanking. We all understand what one is. However, from an educational point of view, it would be nice to know more.

For example, what did the husband do to earn punishment? Are there different degrees of offense? In terms of the punishments, are there different penalties depending on the seriousness of the offense? What is a typical punishment session like? Inquiring lions want to know.

We’ve  been completely transparent about our process. You can trace our evolution in FLRD. I think we are fairly early in our adoption of it. But without feedback we have nothing to measure ourselves against.

So far I haven’t detected any difference in punishments based on my offense. Mrs. Lion hasn’t indicated that I will suffer more or less if I spill versus interrupt her. Maybe there shouldn’t be a difference. Doing something wrong deserves punishment, period. I can accept that. I just wonder if Mrs. Lion has considered this.

How do other disciplining wives know when their husbands have been sufficiently punished? Is there some standard? How does Mrs. Lion decide? More importantly, should she share that with me? How important is it to other disciplinary wives that they punish as soon after the offense as possible? Are we making a mistake by not spanking as soon after the offense as physically possible? I think it may be more important than Mrs. Lion thinks.

It’s not that Mrs. Lion  hasn’t developed her own  style of leadership. She has. We bo22th recognize that we have to grow in our FLRD. It would be great if we had some outside help.


  1. I know that for me, some punishments happen immediately and others happen at my Queen’s convenience. Typically it is a matter of what exactly I have done and also whether we are free of children/others around us. Immediate punishments are usually spankings though not always. Punishments done when convenient are often zapping, Icy Hot, or spankings—sometimes nipple torture. Punishments that really irritate my Queen often occur far more swiftly and sometimes more harshly!

    1. Author

      Thanks for the info. It sounds like your queen uses punishment to respond to things that annoy her. I’m hoping Mrs. Lion will adopt that policy herself. Right now she doesn’t spank when angry and most of the time doesn’t punish things I do that upset her. I am consistently punished for breaking our two original rules (eating before her and getting food on my shirt).

  2. In our relationship there is a day set aside for punishment. Thursday. Between sessions Mi Amor has a note pad on the counter. Occasionally I will do something that she has already talked to me about as far as being a rule that she expects obeyed. She will just say “write that down” or if she is there she will jot it down herself. Be talking over her or a friend, gruff tone to an answer, neglecting some house rule. etc.
    On Thursday she will tell me it is time for punishment and I should get ready for her. We have a spare bedroom with a spanking horse set up and her paddles hung neatly on a plaque hung on the wall. I am to put a ball gag in place (this started about 8 months ago when paddlings became very intense) and mount the horse and wait. She will come in and let me know what is on the list or things she has been wanting to “deal” with. Then she begins the session. There is really no warm up anymore as she sees what it takes to get a mans attention. She starts out hard and builds from there while letting me know what she expects…. It is up to her when she decides I have had enough. It varies depending on what we are addressing. But there are no easy sessions…. Only once did we have a session after an incident. I had been somewhat pissy on a Sunday afternoon and she finally said get ready, she had heard enough. She let me know it was going to be intense because I made her do this during a heated moment and I would know it.

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