We’ve been taking it easy. Saturday night, Mrs. Lion masturbated me for a while. That persistent sore was uncomfortable and she wasn’t getting very much out of me. This is getting quite frustrating. I’m still owed a punishment. I assume that it won’t be long before sitting down will be a little uncomfortable.

It’s been difficult getting to sleep. Our trailer bed is very different than the one we have at home. I think the combination of poor sleep and general fatigue is making things tough for us. Neither of us seems very inspired.

Today, Sunday, were going to drive to Portland Oregon which is about two hours away. We like these little adventures and we invariably find new things each time we go out. I hope that our enthusiasm will grow by the time we get back this evening. I’m not sure what I can do to get things started.

Last night, we stayed very close and I got a chance to spend some time touching and stroking Mrs. Lion’s upper thigh. I like that a lot and I asked her she liked it and she said yes, but not in a sexual way. Still, it’s really great to be close.

We still haven’t figured out how to add play and sex to our vacation mix. Once we go off on an adventure, by the time we get home Mrs. Lion is tired from all that driving. She’s not in the mood for any disciplinary or sexual activity. As she pointed out, trying to do things earlier just adds stress when she gets home after driving lots of miles. Maybe we should try this stuff before we head out. That could work.

Otherwise, essentially the choice is spend the day in the camper and play or go out and forgo sex. I suppose this is an expected consequence when all the sexual stuff is one way. Anything relating to sex is for my benefit alone. Clearly, if we both got something out of it, there would be more enthusiasm on Mrs. Lion’s part. As it is, this is purely my problem.

I don’t have a solution available to me. Truthfully, all I have to do if we stay in the trailer, is watch TV. We have a satellite dish on the camper and I can see the same stuff I would see if I were staying home. There’s nothing for me to do around the campground. It’s a very pretty place with no real activities.

This dilemma isn’t new. It comes up as home as well. Generally, it’s a trade-off between getting things done or play for me. I have absolutely no idea how to fix this.

Lion wants to play earlier in the day. The problem is that we are usually out exploring in the afternoon. And, since I’m the one doing the driving, I’m usually tired in the evening. Last night we had a very late dinner, a half hour drive back to the camper and had watermelon for dessert. When I said my stomach was too full of watermelon, Lion groaned. He was hoping I was feeling frisky.

As you know, it’s been a long time since I’ve been frisky. I assume he meant he was hoping I was in the mood to tend to him because he was feeling frisky. That’s two very different things. Yes, I was tired. Yes, my stomach was full of watermelon. Yes, I was a little annoyed by his needs. No, I didn’t tell him. No, I didn’t deny him.

There isn’t really a way to avoid the scratch on my weenie. I guess I avoided it for a little bit, but then I just kept hitting it. I’m not sure we would have gotten anywhere anyway because it was so late, but I get credit for trying.

We both had trouble sleeping last night again. It’s been down in the 40s at night and we can’t seem to get the heat right. 69 is too cool. 71 is too hot. You’d think 70 would be just right but it’s not. We have a memory foam mattress in the camper and the pillows we have don’t always cooperate. I did fall asleep for a while and then Lion was up again, or the dog needed to go out. It’s all a blur.

Today was supposed to be nice. We planned to drive to Portland for some Voodoo Donuts and eat at Cracker Barrel. We had downpours overnight and rain in the morning. Now it’s noon and the sun is out. I guess we’re heading for Portland after all.

I still owe Lion swats for spilling food on his shirt. Whether I swat him later is all dependent on how I feel. Lack of sleep and abundance of driving don’t bode well. I’d like a nice, relaxing vacation but Lion says we can sit around at home. Vacations are for doing things. Says the man who can’t drive at the moment, but usually doesn’t anyway.

I do want donuts. Maybe I’ll get the obscene ones. They make a penis and balls donut. Yum!

We are settled in to our campsite. Mrs. Lion had to do the work I normally perform. We were both exhausted by the time all was set up. Neither of us wanted to do more than snuggle, naked in bed. We watched sitcom reruns until we finally went to sleep.

On Thursday night I managed to get some chocolate on my t-shirt. Another three-plus days of corrections! Mrs. Lion told me that our travel bag of paddles and other toys was safely onboard our trailer. How thoughtful!

I’ve been notified that Shapeways has shipped my new Cherry Keeper. It will arrive before we get home. I should be able to start testing it by the end of the week. I’ve talked over this experiment with Mrs. Lion and she’s ok with it.

I’m wild for our vacation. Of course, I am under Mrs. Lion’s supervision the entire time we are away. All rules are in force, including being naked when “home”. Given the fact that I am “owed” a punishment, it looks like I will be getting a daily camping spanking all Memorial day weekend.

I’m not sure what will happen sexually during our trip. A lot, I imagine, depends on how tired Mrs. Lion is during the evening. Typically, she waits until bed time for sexual activity. I suggest she start earlier in the day when possible. Perhaps she can try during this trip.

I’m writing this on Saturday morning. We are both working on our posts before we head out for the day. There is no cell service or internet here. We are at a state park situated in remote woods on top of a mountain. It’s isolated and very quiet.

Sex hasn’t been on my mind. As of today, it’s been a week since my last orgasm. I don’t think it will take much to get me interested. At least I don’t think so. When Mrs. Lion decides he’s going to get me worked up, she does. She is a very determined lioness. </P >

Stay tuned.

After a very rough start, we finally made it to our campsite. Then we had another rough start trying to get the water pressure correct. Needless to say, it was a long day with some frayed nerves. Lion and I yelled at each other a few times, that’s how bad it was.

Today I have to do some more fiddling with the water but it should be fine after that. Then we’ll go off on an adventure. We’re in a place we’ve been many times before. We’re probably running out of new things to find, but you never know. We seem to be able to find that one cool thing we never knew existed.

On Thursday night, Lion got some chocolate on his shirt. He’s due a punishment for that. I’ll give him a pass for all the interrupting and snarky remarks yesterday. We were both on edge. However, today we are both better rested. I will be on the lookout for interruptions and snarky remarks. If he chooses to disobey, I will add to the punishment for the chocolate.

I usually don’t do too much while we’re on vacation. Depending on how tired we are, I’m hoping to play tonight. Lion has another sore on my weenie. This one looked more like a long scratch. Now it looks a little worse. We’ll have to see if my weenie feels up to playing.

Maybe I need to lock my weenie up if only to prevent these injuries. If Lion can’t touch it, he can’t scratch it. Perhaps I’ve found another use for the Jail Bird.