Sunday Of Retribution

Hanson ferule paddle
This is the Hanson ferule paddle in bloodwood.
(Click image to view larger)

Sunday night after a long day on  the road sightseeing, we returned to our trailer after dark. Before I could get undressed, Mrs. Lion put a paddle on the bed. It was the ferule, one of the meanest paddles we own. It’s long with a small, three-inch diameter circular head. Ours is made of bloodwood. This is a beautiful, very-dense hardwood.

Once my clothes were off, Mrs. Lion  pickled up the paddle. I knew what that meant. I got into position, face-down across the foot of the bed. Mrs. Lion reminded me that I had spilled food on  my shirt. She then went to work. Eleven swats on the lower part of my right cheek; fast hits. No pause. Ten on the left. Repeat.

She didn‘t pause between groups. However, since she switched sides every ten swats, I was (barely) able to stay still as the spanking progressed. Toward the end, she switched to very hard single swats delivered in a range of spots. That was much harder to handle, particularly on my right cheek. That one is more sensitive.

Given her new policy, a more severe one will follow on both Monday and Tuesday nights. I think that this new multi-day policy is more effective. I also think that her elimination of rest periods between groups of swats works very well, even though they are much less comfortable than when she rested.

There was no punishment dessert on Sunday. Mrs. Lion hasn’t said whether she plans to include them routinely. Knowing her, she probably has no plan either way. She prefers to decide on the spur of the moment. At least that was her pattern in the past.

I hate to admit it, but I don’t remember her new rule. She told me the other day. All I recall is that it is unlikely to be broken very often. I’m hoping that she will find other reasons to punish me more often.

That may seem odd to you. It sounds like I want to be punished. It’s a little more complicated than that. What I really want is to have my lioness catch me breaking rules and punishing me as a consequence. I do get turned on thinking about spanking, etc. So there is something in it for me.

I think it is important that she has a chance to improve her comfort with her role. She’s done a great job developing as a spanker. She’s on her way to pushing me harder and making me learn  to stay in position for stricter discipline.

Developing a disciplinary relationship takes a lot of time and work from both of us. I think we are doing well, but we have a way to go. We are both making good progress.