It Must Be Spring – the Jail Bird is Back

I’d like to take all the credit for last night’s successful edging, but I’m not sure how much I really had to do with it. I did have a hand in it. Pun intended. All I know is that it worked and I hope we’re onto something here.

Maybe it was the outing for dinner and the grocery store that  got Lion excited. Maybe it was the nice ball massage and the not-in-a-hurry way I played with my weenie. Maybe it was the nap he took before the festivities even started. Maybe it was the prospect of being locked away again once play time was over.

It was nice to have Mr. Weenie standing tall and proud as he made his way to the edge. When I was done I sucked on him a little bit. I couldn’t resist. He’s yummy.

For the first time in months, Lion is locked away in the Jail Bird. He was nicely centered when I last saw him. If he’s wandered around I had nothing to do with it. I haven’t gotten any reports of pee gone awry. I haven’t gotten any reports of any cage-related, or horniness related issues. I’m hoping all is well.

When it’s time for a lion shower I’ll unlock him so I can make sure my weenie is squeaky clean. Of course I’m hoping my weenie will be responsive to some soapy shenanigans. I’ve also been giving him and the buns some kisses as I dry Lion off. Sure it sounds silly but it’s just another way to be close and I agree with Lion we’ve been missing that.

Tonight, no matter what happens, Lion will be locked back in the Jail Bird. He needs to feel me even when I’m at work.