plastic seal on chastity device
This is the new, thinner hasp security seal locked on to the Jail Bird.

If you’ve been reading along, you know that I’ve been looking for plastic seals to replace the security screw on the Jail Bird and the padlock on my plastic cage. The Jail Bird is the most challenging. The threaded hole for the security screw is too small for the plastic seals I had on hand. I needed one with a narrower hasp. In my search, I located one that appears to be perfect (image, right). It fits through the screw hole and is small enough to remain comfortably on top of the cage.

old security seal
Old seal that is too thick to fit into the Jail Bird.

The seal has a serial number so that if I remove one and replace it with another, Mrs. Lion will know immediately. Once I started researching the matter, I found there are many numbered seals available. Most have serious drawbacks. The seal (Right) is designed for 52-gallon drums. It works with the Jail Bird, but the tag is so big it cuts into my balls when it is under my jeans.

drum seal
This seal’s tag cuts into me when under clothing. It’s too big.

The new seal is considered a lighter duty version of the one that doesn’t fit in the screw hole. Mrs. Lion decided that if I couldn’t locate a seal for the Jail Bird, we would use the plastic cage. The Red Seal (Left) easily fits into the lock hole on that cage.

The point of all these experiments is to obviate the need for an emergency key. The concept of using a padlock to close a chastity device doesn’t make a lot of sense to us. The idea that the lock will prevent me from getting my penis out, is fiction.

seal on chastity device
The red seal works on the plastic cage.

We all know that devices, like the Jail Bird, can be escaped by pulling the penis out of the base ring. Yes, it’s difficult and probably painful The lock provides no real protection from that. Since we don’t really need a lock, what we do need is a way for me to get out of the device in an emergency and, more importantly, make it apparent to Mrs. Lion if I do.

The plastic, serial-numbered seals are a perfect solution. I can’t take the cage off without cutting the seal. Even if I put the device back on and reseal it, she can inspect the serial number and learn that I’ve taken the device off. Seals are inexpensive and easy to put on and cut off. The light duty seals, like the one on the Jail Bird, can even be broken off without tools. When I travel, I don’t need a nail clipper or scissors if I have to escape.

Mrs. Lion removes the cage and teases me most nights. There’s work involved in removing the lock or security screw and then replacing it. The seal is much easier to use and, for our purposes, just as secure.

I like to think the seal represents evolution in the way I think about enforced male chastity. I’ve learned that comfort is the key attribute I need to wear a device all the time. Security is more about making any tampering evident than it is about preventing me from unlocking myself. I’ve also learned that the shorter the cage, the better the ultimate fit.

All this significantly simplifies the process of buying and wearing a chastity device. The short cage improves performance for me, the wearer. It has the additional benefit of preventing any expansion for an erection. Using a seal instead of a security screw or lock makes the keyholder’s job much simpler and completely eliminates the need for an emergency key.

If the seal I am going to be wearing when Mrs. Lion is on her trip holds up, it may well turn out to be the locking method of choice in the Lions’ den.


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    Curious. Where did you find these seals and for how much?? You can answer here or on my blog if you want to remove this question

    1. Author

      The seals that work with the Jail Bird come from Health Care Logistics, Model 7806. That’s the one that fits the Jail Bird. The other models are too thick. They cost about $21/100. Freight is high ($10), so it pays to order as many as you might need for a while. They are plenty strong, yet easy to cut off. Going to try them?

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