Stuck Lion

We tried the weird Flesh Light last night. I still say it’s weird but Lion is in love. I told him he has a new girlfriend. She might need more lube but she’ll never get tired.

I was debating whether I could edge him with it. It’s sort of heavy and getting the angle right was difficult. I bet we’ll get it eventually. As far as last night is concerned, we used it to get him very excited and then I went back to my hand. I don’t know if it was just one of those nights or if Lion really did prefer the Flesh Light to my hand, but we didn’t get very much further. He was still hard but not much happened. Lion thinks he’s stuck again. (At least he didn’t say he was broken.)

I was also debating whether I should let Lion come inside the Flesh Light. Obviously there’s no reason he couldn’t. That’s what it’s made for, after all. But in terms of enforced chastity, I’m still leaning toward making him wait longer. Besides, why would I let his girlfriend get all the creamy goodness?

Tonight we won’t use the Flesh Light. Too much of a good thing. Plus, I think Lion might need some more help. Perhaps some clothespins would unstick him. I have to get the juices flowing somehow. Of course, I only want the juices flowing so far. Too far and he’ll have a ruined orgasm. Nobody wants that.

We’re also going to try to go out to dinner again. We haven’t made it out since coming up with the idea Friday. Lion’s been working so hard to get himself back into fighting shape that he peters out before dinner time. All of his laps from the bedroom to kitchen and back tire him out. There’s absolutely no reason we have to go out except that Lion has been stuck in the house for well over a week now. Maybe even two weeks.

Stuck in the house. Stuck in edging. Stuck Lion.