The Rules Are Back

Tender9zer paddle on lion's buttI lied. I said I was going to give Lion orgasms until he had a normal one. Oops. Last night I just edged him. So sorry.

I’d like to say it occurred to me that he’d get to a normal orgasm faster if I edged him a lot before I let him come again, but I just now thought of that. I was really just being mean to him by leaving him frustrated. Except that I wasn’t being mean. I was trying to get back to the fundamentals of enforced chastity. He doesn’t get to come every time.

On that note, he shouldn’t even expect to be edged every time we snuggle. He asked if we were going to snuggle last night, after he woke up from one of his many naps. A few minutes after I snuggled in he asked if we were going to do anything. My first thought was that we were doing something. We were snuggling. But Lion’s “do anything” means something sexual. I know he went three weeks or so without any sexual activity, (perish the thought!) but not everything revolves around sex. Right now he’s thinking, “It could.”

I’m sure he’s also lamenting the fact that his sexual activity has been largely vanilla. I tied his balls up once. Apparently swatting his balls doesn’t count as play. I don’t think it’s a very vanilla thing to do but from a post a few days ago it doesn’t seem like he agrees. I don’t want to break out the Icy Hot just yet. He needs to be able to get to the bathroom quickly to wash off if it gets too hot. I can certainly use clothespins and Velcro.

Lion even thinks he could handle punishment swats. I think he could handle modified ones since he hasn’t had any in quite a while. I’m more concerned with his being able to get into position at the bottom of the bed for them. Of course, I could just have him roll over and deliver them. Where he is in relation to the bed isn’t crucial. So maybe the rules should be in full force again. He’s been following them anyway.

Let’s see how it goes. I’ll enforce the rules starting today. May god have mercy on his butt.

[Lion — There are other punishments just as effective as spanking and Mrs. Lion’s disposal. No, I don’t mean Icy Hot. She has lots of soap that can be used and plenty of very mean pinchy things. However, I agree that spanking is her preferred way to punish me.]

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  1. Have to agree with you. I never know if I will get edging or relief. And when I do make a comment addressing how horny I am Mi Amor gives a cute but firm “your supposed to be”. No mercy given. She is in charge these days. Big time. I wait.

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