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Lion's penis in first jail bird
The first image published here. It was me in my new Jail Bird. Still too long, it served well for many months.
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At the most fundamental level, enforced male chastity is about penis display. It’s impossible for me to know how other men think about their cocks. Is the norm that most men don’t really spend much time thinking about them at all? Is their  interest confined to finding ways to stimulate them?

Consider this: How many guys who have their penises locked in chastity devices choose to display photos of themselves as avatars or icons? How many things do they write that discuss how they look when locked up?

In a very real sense, a chastity device is penis jewelry. Perhaps, even more importantly, it’s a way to draw attention to the penis itself. Without a chastity device in the mix, how many guys can work discussions of their cocks into daily conversations with their partners?

shortened Jail Bird
This is my Jail Bird with the cage shortened to 1-1/4 inches. Now my urethra poked out almost all the time.
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Let’s face it, chastity hardware is a great sexual conversation piece. I know I’m not exempt from this. Over the years, I’ve tried several different devices. Ostensibly, my main reason is to find a device that makes urination safe and neat. I also admit that I get aroused thinking about trying new penis jewelry.

Most recently, this has come to my attention because of what people write about wearing 1 inch chastity devices. Almost everyone who puts one on comments about how his penis seems to have disappeared. There is a lot of discussion about how this looks. I get it.

When I first started out, I followed the standard measurement instructions for fitting a chastity device. My first Jail Bird was one and three-quarter inches long. At this length, my penis was fully revealed at all times. When I attempted an erection, it was obvious if Mrs. Lion looked at my caged penis.

Shortest Jail Bird on Lion's penis
One-inch Jailbird. Here I am with the cage attached to the base ring. Note how compressed my dick is.
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I’ve written lots of posts about having my cage shortened twice. My practical objective was to keep my urethra centered and in contact with the front bars of the device. Aesthetically, I liked how it looked in a shorter cage.

My current device has a 1 inch cage. It barely contains the head of my penis. The rest of it seems to have disappeared. Actually, it’s still there but tucked behind the base ring. I like the way it looks and feels. I’m very fond of the fact that my urethra stays nicely aligned and I can urinate safely almost all the time.

Even I can’t tell visually when I’m trying to get hard. Nothing moves in this shorter cage. I think this is about a small as I’m going to go. Please note the Mrs. Lion hasn’t expressed any interest in how short or long a chastity device I wear. So long as it stays locked in place and I can’t play with myself, it meets her requirements.

penis in HT Nub
You can see that my urethra pokes out nicely from the Nub. The larger 50 mm base ring turns out to fit perfectly for this device. Microphone off
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Based on what I read, I’m not unique. Those of us who are into enforced male chastity seem to have a fascination with our penises both soft and hard. I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of guys aren’t that interested when flaccid. We also like to see how other guys look when locked in their cages. At least in my case, I have no sexual interest in penises, but I’m curious about how other guys look when locked up. My interest diminishes if they are hard.

Enforced male chastity is a relatively obscure kink. The fact that a very large percentage of guys who practice it don’t even have keyholders, suggests that our main interest is our penises, not necessarily someone else’s control of them.

Granted, this is not very romantic. I don’t like to think this way. I truly love that Mrs. Lion actively owns and controls mine. I adore the fact that she pays attention to it even when she has no intention of making me ejaculate.

For me, that’s the romance. I’m willing to sacrifice or delay orgasm in favor of attention to my cock. It’s a lot of fun for me that I get this attention whether I am hard or soft. Enforced chastity has given me a way to pay a lot more attention to my favorite toy. Do you share this hobby?


  1. I do have the same enjoyment. I love to have mine locked and I enjoy trying different models. I have some 3-D technology in both scanning and printing so I can make my own devices. To me it’s exciting and fun to try something new.

  2. Lion,

    On the shorter Jail Birds, as the tip of your urethra protrudes beyond the bars, how do you deal with the irritation caused by your shorts rubbing against there? Sure would like to know – enjoying being under lock and key (Rigid Beast Muzzle – similar to Jail Bird) except for this one little annoying/irritating thing.



    1. Author

      Most of the time, my urethra doesn’t protrude too far past the bars (click here to see). When it does extend past the bars, it still isn’t irritated by my underwear because the design of the Jail Bird points my penis downward. Since the cage is so short, my balls act as a buffer to protect the tip of my penis. In order to peak, I have to pull my balls back. I think this is a small price to pay for the additional safety and comfort.

  3. I totally agree with you. I’m glad everything went well in your operation

    1. Author

      Thanks for the good wishes. Recovery is steady but much slower than I would like.

  4. I’m wearing the Nub this week. My Queen hasn’t decided whether she likes it or not… for that matter neither have I. It does seem comfortable though.

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