Your One-Inch Chastity Device

The new Holy Trainer Nub, a 1 inch long chastity cage.

I’ve long advocated short chastity devices. Exactly how short I like them has evolved over the years. My interest in minimizing the size of my cage began when I ordered my first Jail Bird. I followed the instructions I had read on many blogs as well as from the manufacturer. They suggested I measure my flaccid penis at different times to get the shortest normal length.

After lots of attempts I settled on 2 inches. FYI, this remains an accurate measurement of my typical flaccid length. I also measured the diameter of my penis. When soft, it’s 1 1/2 inches across. Based on the recommendations I’ve read, I ordered my Jail Bird with a cage diameter of one and one quarter inches (the recommendation was to order it 1/4 inch narrower than the measured diameter). I ordered a cage length of one and three-quarter inches; again 1/4 inch shorter than my measured penis length.

meauring diameter of penis
My flaccid penis is about 2-inches long most of the time. However, if I sit straight up in a chair, it goes down to 1-1/2 inches.
(Click image to view larger)

While wearing this cage I discovered that at certain times there was a significant gap between the tip of my penis and the top of the cage. This didn’t cause a lot of trouble most of the time. However, because there was a gap, peeing frequently ended up as a messy proposition. The liquid bounced around against the bars of the top of the cage. The resulting mess ended up on the floor and sometimes on my pants.

I decided to send the cage back for shortening. Mrs. Lion measured a 1/2 inch gap when I would sit up straight in the chair. The head of my penis was actually that far behind the top of the cage. So, I asked the cage to be shortened to 1 1/4 inches long. This is a very short cage. I was delighted to find that this short length was very comfortable. Bear in mind, my flaccid length is 2 inches. It turns out that a soft penis easily squishes down.

lion penis width measurihg
My penis is 1-1/2″ in diameter. Using the ruler method is an easy way to get this measurement.
(Click image to view larger.)

One thing that doesn’t squish well is the diameter. A narrower cage regardless of length will create medical problems over time. As long as the diameter of the cage is about 1/4 inch less than the measured diameter of the soft penis, all is well. The diameter shouldn’t be much wider. When an erection is attempted the penis expands in length and to a lesser degree, in width. The less opportunity for expansion, the better.

Several more months went by. There were still odd moments when the head of my penis lost contact with the top of the cage. I learned that if my urethra peeked out between the bars, I could safely pee standing up at home and at a urinal. I decided to push things a little more. I asked to have my cage shortened to just 1 inch in length. It turns out that this is the shortest a Jail Bird can be made.

The new, very short length turned out to be perfect. My urethra poked out most of the time and the device was comfortable. I frequently forgot I even had it on. Attempts to become erect aborted before they could even get started. That meant the base ring stayed exactly where it should and didn’t get pushed forward by a struggling erection. As an added benefit, the fact that I’m wearing a chastity device is completely invisible under my clothing. You can’t even see it if I’m just standing in my underpants.

1-inch long jail bird
My 1-inch Jail Bird. My urethra peaks out from between the bars. This is a perfect size. All you can see is the head of my penis. The rest is comfortably tucked away.
(To view larger, click image)

Others have realized this too. The folks who make Holy Trainers now offer a model they call the Nub. This plastic device is 1.33 inches in diameter and only .98 inches long. It’s perfect! Even better, there are Chinese knock offs being made that look pretty good. I ordered one from It was only $29 as opposed to over $175 from Holy Trainer. I probably won’t get it for a while. That’s the only drawback of ordering from China. It generally takes about a month to get delivery.

The length of the cage turns out not to be very critical. Regardless of measured flaccid length, apparently all of us guys compress easily into a 1 inch cage. Our penises are designed to handle this shortening. They are not designed to handle squeeze.

There are several one-inch Jail Bird copies available on DHgate as well. I reviewed one some time ago. It turned out to be pretty nice. The Nub is a tube-type chastity device. It’s solid (no bars) with a single hole in front of the urethra, which can poke out nicely.

So, for less than 30 bucks you can get an off-the-shelf 1 inch chastity device. There are only two important measurements: the first is the base ring diameter. I can almost guarantee that you will not want smaller than required. Actually, a great size is one small enough so that a ball won’t escape when you wear it and it stays put and doesn’t hurt over time. There is no reason to ever use lotion or other lubricant to make a base ring comfortable. If your ring hurts, it’s too small. Try going up 1/4 inch or more.

The second critical dimension is cage diameter. The picture above shows how I measured mine. I just put my penis on a yardstick and noted the size. It’s not rocket science.

ht nub
This is the Chinese knock off of the Holy Trainer Nub. Note how the urethra neatly pokes out.
(Click image to go to seller’s site)

There you have it. A brand-new entry in the micro-cage market. Five years ago I would have never believed this. It would seem preposterous that my penis could live in such a small space. It can and has for years.

I think we’ve gotten over the long-held myth that a chastity device has to be inescapable. Hopefully you know that. A chastity device has only two important requirements: it has to feel comfortable 24/7 and it has to be able to prevent masturbation. That’s it. Comfort is critical. Your chastity device is supposed to be on your penis all the time. It should only come off when you’re keyholder wants to provide teasing or other activities. If you have a tube type device, it also has to come off for regular cleaning. It’s pretty much impossible to prevent buildup of smelly residue inside. Weekly removal and cleaning is generally sufficient.

I’m planning to review the Chinese knockoff of the Nub in late March or early April. In the meantime, if you get one please let me know how you like it. If you’re thinking about getting a chastity device, seriously consider my experience and order a cage about an inch long.


  1. Interesting. Started in a Holy Trainer II. Went to steel after 9 months . i agree. Shorter tube is better. I found the plastic to have more of an odor issue then steel. But will watch for your review of the Stub .

  2. Thumper will be reviewing one soon. My knockoff Nub has arrived, and I’ll certainly let you know how it is after I have permission to try it. I doubt it replaces the Contender, but should be useful when I can’t wear steel (pretty rare.)

    1. Author

      Thanks.if you want, send pictures too.

  3. Thank you for the review.
    I’ve been happily wearing a HT Standard pretty much 24/7, but it’s clearly too long. So we’re thinking of ordering the nub.
    A question: have you noticed your penis shrink or have there been any other changes?
    Thank you, in advance,

    1. Author

      There are no physical changes that I have seen from years of wearing a very short Jail Bird. The stuff about shrinkage is myth.

  4. Thanks another interesting piece from yourself, I was considering a smaller tube and you have convinced me , I have bought a couple of items from China that have been ok.

  5. Your experience sounds very similar to mine:
    I have sent my MM Jail Bird back at least 4 times for adjustments, the last one was to shorten the cage to 1 1/2 inches but I have the same problems you talk about with it still being too large for those times when he’s really small – I’m a grower… I have the Nub from HT but I have the old base ring, which doesn’t fit, so I once the new HT ring comes in I am going to send my Jail Bird back for one more adjustment to the smallest 1 inch you had made. I am hoping with the shorter cage it will do a better job of covering up the sensitive part of my penis that is fairly easy to rub in my Jail Bird… my wife LOVES that part LOL… thanks for sharing!

  6. My cage was ordered thru DHGate for under $20. The inside of the cage is just over 1 inch. I have no problem putting my flaccid penis in it. It’s VERY secure (only way out is with the key, and even then it’s difficult to get off. And while the head of my penis pokes out, there is no worthwhile stimulation. Orgasm not allowed

  7. I ask my self what on earth does wearing such a device ever do that anyone needs to waste good money by purchasing one

    1. Author

      Why do you read a male chastity blog if you think it is a waste? Isn’t that a waste of your time? Not everyone understands this.

  8. First , I had to scroll through to get to this old article to comment on but in doing so I have been catching up on some newer ones, particularly about your forthcoming surgery . My thoughts are with you both .
    My knocked of Chinese version arrived yesterday after little more than a week from ordering – pretty impressive. It did prove a little challenging in getting the ring on but we got there in the end, using the third size of the four rings provided, the two smaller rings had absolutely no chance. Then to slide the cage on which was surprisingly smooth and easy and the look is a clever design. Only had it on for a few hours and didn’t have to urinate during this time but comfort wise it beats my previous cage hands down, hardly knew it was on. My wife hasn’t seen me properly in it as yet due to work commitments but that will change later tonight which should be interesting as the view from the mirror was that my cock has literally gone!

    1. Author

      Peeing is actually easier than with longer cages; at least for me. I’m now testing the HT Nub. The wonderful world of 1 inch chastity.

  9. I have mine on now, it is far more comfortable than any other device I have worn

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