Flash Flood

Lion snoozed a lot yesterday into last night. This morning we both slept late so I’m hoping his falling asleep at random times is behind him. We did play, somewhat late, but I guess his power naps helped in that regard.

After I got Lion hard I decided to use lube on him again. Since he mentioned the similarities between lube and no lube in my style of hand play, I’ve decided to switch sides. Rather than being on his left side, I move to the Lion side of the bed. It’s a little weird having my feet on the floor but I thought it might add a difference in angle. Let’s face it, up and down is hard to change. However, I did a lot more ball massage and I hope Lion felt a difference. [Lion — I did!]

One odd thing, and I don’t think it has to do specifically with using lube, is that Lion seems to have a hair trigger. We’re steadily heading for the edge and suddenly there’s a flash flood and Lion is done. We don’t know why it happens so quickly. He’s not overly horny. It’s not one of those times when it seems a sudden gust of wind will do it. He’s just not there and then there in a matter of seconds. No warning, even for him. I mean, I’ll take credit for being just that good, but the credit is not mine. I believe it’s happened without lube too.

I wasn’t going to let him come last night. He was going to wait until Sunday or Monday night. And then the cage would remain off until we decide he’s recovered enough for its return. I guess his body had other ideas.

Lion has been very itchy again. The dog is probably shedding her winter coat. We got her a bath yesterday so we hope that helps. I wonder if that also why he asked to be wild last night. He wanted to know if I was locking him up again. I was. He said he’d hoped to be wild at least one night. Why ask? Why not ask if he could be wild and present his case? Maybe he thought I’d tell him it was too bad. If I want him locked, he’ll be locked. But then he would have been miserable if the reason he wanted to be wild was because of itching. And I would be miserable knowing I made him miserable.