HT Nub: First Look At a Plastic,1-Inch Chastity Device

The HT Nub (from China)

Holy Trainer has been making plastic chastity devices for several years. Their devices have evolved to include shorter and shorter cages. Most recently, they launched their V3 Nub. This device features a one-inch-long penis tube. I’ve read a review or two that marvel at how comfortable such a short device can be. I’ve been wearing a one-inch Jail Bird for quite some time. So the length of the Nub is exactly what I am used to wearing.

I have a Holy Trainer Nano. Prior to the Nub, this was the shortest device they made. I reviewed it here. It was just okay. It was too long for me and not very comfortable. I have to admit that I was skeptical about the Nub. I didn’t order this device from Holy Trainer. I didn’t want to spend $175 for a device I would just wear to review. I found an exact copy from China. At least it looked like it was one.

When it arrived, I compared it to my Nano. To my surprise, it appeared to be exactly the same plastic that Holy Trainer uses for their factory-authorized products. The device itself is very well-made. In fact, the quality appears exactly the same as the Nano. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Nub isn’t made in China for Holy Trainer. In any case, the knockoff cost only $30. Normally, I don’t like recommending knockoffs. But in this case, I can’t see any reason to spend over 100 more dollars for exactly the same thing.

Fitting the Nub

penis in HT Nub
You can see that my urethra pokes out nicely from the Nub. The larger 50 mm base ring turns out to fit perfectly for this device.
(Click image to view larger)

The Chinese knockoff comes with four base rings. The size ring I wear with most devices is one and three-quarter inches (45 mm). The Nub came with one that size. The base rings themselves have an “anatomical” shape. I’ve never noticed any difference wearing rings that shape. It was difficult to get into the 45 mm ring. When Mrs. Lion attempted to fit the tube, she couldn’t get it on me. I took off the 45 mm base ring and replaced it with the 50 mm ring (2 inch). As expected, this was a bit roomier. I wondered if it would be too loose.

Once I had that ring on, Mrs. Lion had no trouble locking the cage. Right from the start, the device felt really comfortable. My urethra pokes out through the one hole in the tube. Nice!

Since this was the first time Mrs. Lion has locked me into the device, it isn’t quite centered. However, this does not have any effect on how well it works.

side view of HT Nub on my penis
Even though the Nub has just a 1 inch tube that barely contains the head of my penis, it’s designed to keep my penis pointing down nearly buried between my balls. This profile makes it absolutely invisible under any clothing.
(Click image to view larger)

Wearing it
From the very first minute, it’s been completely comfortable wearing this device. The plastic is very lightweight and I am not even aware that it’s on my body. The Jail Bird, on the other hand, makes itself known when I am naked because it’s weight pulls down my cock and balls. Even though the Nub, pushes my balls out, I’m not consciously aware I have it on.

The device caused me no difficulty sleeping. It was as though I were wild. I don’t recall feeling any attempt to get an erection. I probably did but I didn’t wake up.

I’ve only had it on for bit over a day. This is certainly not long enough to offer a full review. It is long enough to draw some conclusions:

The device is supremely comfortable. I can say without reservation, that this is the closest to feeling wild that I’ve experienced since I started enforced chastity. I was worried that my urethra would not remain centered in the opening and that I would have difficulty peeing. So far it’s remained close to where it belongs. I noticed that the urine stream is a bit narrower and it takes a bit more effort to urinate. This is a very minor problem for me.

In terms of security, I think it would be very difficult to stimulate myself sexually. The tube is designed with a shield that protects the sensitive spots under my penis and one on top that extends past the base ring (see the image above, right).

I bought this device from one of the vendors on This site has many small merchants selling what appear to be the same products. I’m providing a link to the merchant who sold me mine. I’m very happy with the quality and speed of delivery (about two weeks). Click here to go to his site.

I won’t get a chance to do a long test now. The device will have to come off later this weekend since I’m going in for surgery on Tuesday. After my recovery, I know that I will want to put this device back on and give it a long test. If things continue the way they are right now, this could be a custom-device killer.

The four base rings that come with it cover way over 90% of the sizes men need. The tube is 1.33 inches in diameter. This may not fit everyone, but I suspect it’s sufficient for the vast majority of us. It’s perfect for me. As I’ve discovered, the one-inch length of the tube is going to work for almost everyone. This may be the first off-the-shelf device that can successfully compete against custom-made devices like the Jail Bird. Considering that the Jail Bird costs well over $400 and this device just $30, it makes sense to try this first.


  1. Curious… With the looser fitting ring is there a problem if you get erect with it allowing too much of the scrotum skin too pull through push the whole device forward?

    1. Author

      I didn’t notice any slipping. However, my urethra wasn’t pushing out the way it appeared to be in pictures of other people wearing the Nub.

  2. Had mine a couple of days , one issue I have had is the lock – hopefully some wd40 will do the trick but it was a bugger to get off initially. Like you I found it very comfortable (had a 200 mile drive in it also) , of the four rings supplied the smallest seems totally pointless as you can’t even fit the tube to it due to the size .

    1. Author

      Rather than WD40 I would suggest some graphite lock lube. The oil will attract dust and dirt and could get gummy quickly.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation, which echoes a recent post by Thumper. Do you think this smaller device could get through an airport detector without being detected?

    1. Author

      I am convinced that the Nub will make it through airport security easily. The actual amount of metal in the lock is tiny. The metal in your fly is probably greater than the mass of the lock.

      1. It easily passes even the strictest of security.

        1. Author

          It’s unlikely the knob will get through a backscatter full body scanner. A lot of airports use them for standard security. However, if you are a PRE, it will surely get through the metal detector with no trouble. My suggestion is that the wisest choice is to be cage free when going through airport security.

          1. Been regularly through several major international airports in Europe and America wearing a HT nano. Does not set off metal detectors and been through full body scanner several times without even feeling that someone looked at me funny. The metal in the lock is way too small to be a problem and plastic isn’t an issue. Just my experience / 2c 😉

  4. I recently made it through moderate building security with mine. That was the only reason I bought one. It’s unusually comfortable, other than the neutering mental effect. I found it more difficult to maintain as good hygiene as with custom stainless steel, but it’s perfect for shorter term use. It’s so restrictive, I was very eager to get back to the cage.

    1. Author

      So far, I’ve had no problem keeping justice clean with the Nub as I do with the Jail Bird. The tube is so short that it’s very easy with a hand-held shower to do a good job cleaning inside. When I do my long-term test, I may change my mind.

  5. Also, I had the same experience with the base ring as Lion. The larger ring looked entirely too big, but it fit and locked very easily. I suspect the internal piece going through the base ring increases the diameter needed.

    1. Author

      I keep wondering if I shouldn’t try again with the 45 mm ring. There was absolutely no risk that I would come out of the 50 mm ring. The way the Nub is designed, the tube itself is pretty well centered in the ring. Given that the tube is about 1 1/2 inches in diameter, there is a very small margin around it inside the base ring. I still wonder if I shouldn’t try again with the smaller ring. I would like my penis more forward in the tube.

      1. I had a struggle getting it on but persevered and preferred the fit from the smaller ring

        1. Author

          I’m wearing the 45mm ring now. We’ll see if it changes anything.

  6. This thing looks to be ideal as a travel replacement for my Jail Bird. Too bad I’m getting on a plane first thing tomorrow morning 🙁

    1. Author

      I think it’s perfect for travel. Aside from not having enough metal to bother the security folks, it’s also visually undetectable.

    1. Author

      So far, this one looks pretty good. My only comment after this short test is that peeing is a bit more difficult. My urethra is pushed into the opening at the top of the device. Apparently, this squeezes it a bit. I don’t think this represents a particular problem; it’s just different.

  7. Author

    I’m circumcised. I have no idea how it will be on an uncircumcised penis.

  8. I just got mine a couple of days ago and am at least a short term convert to the Lion doctrine that “shorter is better”. The device is very comfortable, is very easy to get on, makes peeing standing up easy, and stifles any incipient erections with little discomfort. My keyholder was initially skeptical, but now seems taken by the fact that there’s so little apparently there 🙂

    1. Author

      Please let us know how you are doing,

  9. I would love to hear from someone who has gone through a TSA checkpoint with one of these.

  10. Hi,I think that your experience with the nub is great in fact I have got one on now and it is from China,all I paid was about £9 yes it is pink but that does not bother me,it came with the 4 rings and I have the biggest on took me a little while to get my balls through but one I did it is compatable on,the only trouble on having Is trying to center my peehole as I have a small penis it is not going I’ll the way to the end where the hole is l,but that is another matter I will figure out,at the moment it has been on thought out the night and about of a day and I do not realise it is on me,i would recommend averyone to get one of these

  11. This seems to be a better choice under panties

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