Further Nubby Thoughts

nub penis tube
This is the tiny one-inch Nub penis tube.

While my short test of the Nub isn’t going to yield much detailed information, I am very impressed by how comfortable it is to wear. It’s feather-light and doesn’t put pressure on any part of me. Since the tube isolates my penis from its surroundings (i.e. my underwear) it may actually be more comfortable to wear then going wild. Wouldn’t that be a kick?

It’s entirely possible that for many the device will be too comfortable. After all, most of us like the feeling of bondage that a chastity device gives us. If the device doesn’t make itself known at all, perhaps it’s the same as not wearing one.

When I am wild, I think about how I will miss erections once I’m in my cage again. But when I’m in the cage, I don’t give erections a second thought. They’ve become something I like to get, but don’t miss when they’re not around. Wearing a male chastity device isn’t about preventing me from masturbating. I’m well conditioned not to masturbate on my own. A chastity device is not necessary for this control.

Apparently, Mrs. Lion doesn’t care whether I wear one or not. That means the only reason for me to wear a male chastity device is because I like it. I don’t know about you, but that’s not a reason I like to think about. After all, a good part of my enjoyment of being locked up is that it’s bondage. Bondage implies that someone has forcibly restrained me. That’s why the practice is called “enforced male chastity”.

On Friday night, Mrs. Lion teased me a bit too much. I ended up starting to have an orgasm. She decided not to let it become ruined. So she went right back to work and made sure I had a nice, complete ejaculation. When the smoke died down, I asked her to leave me wild. I’m not sure why I did. She commented that she was going to lock me up again. But, she agreed to leave me uncaged.

My motivation for being released was that I wanted to see if it wouldn’t make it easier to get a full night’s sleep. It turned out that I slept all the way through the night. I’m pretty sure that being wild and nothing to do with it. But I did get a full night’s sleep.

penis inside Nub chastity device
During the day, things got a bit twisted. My urethra no longer lined up correctly with the opening.
(Click image to view larger)

I’d like to try again with the 45 mm (one and three-quarter inch) base ring for the Nub. Perhaps this afternoon we can try it. Wearing the Nub with the larger ring was fine in terms of everything staying in place. There was some rotation of the device which put my urethra at an angle with the opening in the tube.

I wonder if the larger base ring allowed extra movement and the resulting misalignment (See image, left). If I can get the smaller base ring on we can solve the mystery quickly. If the problem isn’t related to the base ring I’m not sure why this is happening.

In general, chastity devices and my locking cock ring seem to want to rotate 10 or 15° to the right. This happens with all of them. I can’t explain it. It doesn’t cause any trouble with the other devices. It will be a problem though with the Nub.

I have to admit that I’m fascinated by this new device. I’ve never experienced any cock and ball hardware that is so comfortable to wear. Even though I spent a lot of time at my desk, there was no pinching or adjustments of any sort needed. My only concern is that my urethra is going out of alignment with its only opportunity to expel urine.

One of our readers expressed concern about keeping his Nub clean. Admittedly I didn’t wear it very long, but it was easy to make sure the device was completely clean when I showered. We have a handheld shower massager and it has more than enough power to thoroughly rinse the inside of the tube.

If I can lick the “traveling urethra” issue, the Nub could end up being a perfect male chastity device. The only metal in it is the very small locking mechanism buried in the connection between the tube and the base ring. I’m sure that this little bit of brass will not trigger TSA metal detectors.

Yesterday afternoon, I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me up again using the one and three-quarter inch (45 mm) base ring. I had a much easier time getting it on. I suspect that when I tried it Friday evening I may have been a bit excited, and that made it more difficult.

This time, Mrs. Lion had much less trouble getting the tube on me. Given the unusual shape of the ring, it takes a bit of skill to put the device on with a properly-sized ring. Now we’ll find out if the smaller ring has any effect at all on keeping my urethra centered in the opening. I suspect it will.

Obviously, I need to do a lot more testing before I can wholeheartedly support this product. Since it’s available at low cost ($30) from a Chinese vendor, you may want to test it too. Please let me know how you’re doing if you try it.


  1. “chastity devices and my locking cock ring seem to want to rotate 10 or 15° to the right.” I guess this makes you a good, solid conservative! 😉

    Sending best good thoughts possible to both of you as Tuesday approaches.


    1. Author

      I would really prefer it to rotate to the left. A lot further to the left. Thanks for the good wishes I appreciate them.

  2. By the way,

    Have you attempted pullout? If so, were you successful? Easy? Moderate effort? Difficult? Couldn’t do it?


    1. Author

      I did not try to pull out. That’s something I never do. I’m the one who wants to be locked up. Why in the world would I try to get out?

      1. It is a headspace thing for me. I don’t want out either. If the Japanese ever come up with a self-cleaning and self-maintaining device, I’d love to be locked away for very long periods of time and be released only on P’s whim and not also when mundane tasks must be performed. It is such a sublime place to be, frustration notwithstanding. (Ha! Frustration contributing!)

        Not being able to escape though is similar to good physical bondage to me. I am always a little sad when it is time to be released from bondage, and I do so very much enjoy struggling against bonds from which escape is impossible. P has always been expert at inescapable. If she restrains you, you’re done. You will not escape.

        When play gets rough, the inability to escape steps in for my own courage and keeps me from embarrassing myself by trying to avoid whatever P is administering. There is little better in the world to me than mental surrender combined with inescapable physical restraint while P does her work. That restraint is like an exclamation point and is a very real extension of P’s will.

        Chastity has bondage-like qualities. For me, physical inescapability adds to the heat and the delight. A frozen hamburger cooked with fried onions is wonderful. A fresh ground steak burger with melted cheese and carmelized onions served on a bun that has been fried in butter to make it toasty is nigh on orgasmic.


    1. Author

      I don’t know.

  3. It works fine with an uncircumcised cock, when we put mine back on yesterday tried it with the foreskin pulled back and it certainly seems to stop the issues I was having when going for a pee.

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