Locked Away Again – Sort Of

Today is our annual Christmas party. It’s one of the few remaining perks to working here although they do try to “cute” things up a bit too much for the party. Still, you can’t argue with free lunch.

We got the locking cock ring yesterday. Lion was anxious to try it on. Then he was anxious to get a picture taken. He can definitely get hard with it on. He was getting hard while I was locking him in it. Or locking it on him, more correctly. He’s not really “in” anything.

I made the comment that I could have him get himself hard because he wouldn’t come with the ring on. He wondered why he couldn’t come. I swear he told me a long time ago that I should never, ever make him come while he was wearing any type of cock ring. I must have been hallucinating. Apparently it’s not a problem. If that’s the case, he cannot get himself hard.

After wearing it overnight, Lion says it’s very comfortable. There shouldn’t be any issue with my playing with him with it on. We may need some lube because the skin is tighter. I guess we’ll find out one of these nights. He’ll have to manage to stay awake though.

Lion got some anti-nausea medication from the doctor. I’m hoping it helps him eat more. He’s lost a lot of weight, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but he shouldn’t be doing it because he’s sick. Last night he managed to eat a pretty sizable sweet potato without any problem. At least we got some nutrients into him.