The Bad Patient

Last night Mrs. Lion masturbated me to orgasm while I wore the new cock ring. She had no trouble getting me hard and her hand felt very good. The orgasm was full and very welcome. But it wasn’t as good as when the ring is off. Mrs. Lion had the same comment. She will be removing it before some, if not all, sexual activities.

I hardly know the locking cock ring is there. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m still under the weather, but I’m not getting much pleasure from wearing it. I’m not feeling particularly sexual at all. I’m tired and stressed. I have a lot of work to do and my head feels like it is full of cotton. Yesterday, I went out for lunch. It was nice but tiring. We had canned soup for dinner. Mrs. Lion went out for lunch so she wasn’t very hungry.

It’s difficult at times like this to remember we have a power exchange. I’d rather put my energy into the love I feel for Mrs. Lion. Let’s face it, FLR and enforced chastity are fairly selfish activities. They are for the sexual benefit of the male. The keyholder / disciplining wife may have fun, but the prime beneficiary is the man. I am very grateful to Mrs. Lion, who hasn’t been feeling that good herself, for keeping things going. I’m very lucky.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Lion is making sure I am comfortable and fed. She’s doing this even though her shoulder hurts and she has a cold herself. I am very grateful to her for this support.

For my part, I don’t understand what’s happening to me. Ever since I started using the eye drops prescribed for my problem, things have been going downhill. It’s easy enough to blame side effects. I’ve returned to the specialist and he is adjusting my dosages. However, it isn’t really clear that this is the problem. I’m a horrible patient. I have no patience with my own illnesses. It’s hard not to worry that I’m more than just sick. Maybe I’m going down the tubes.

I saw a family doctor the other day. She asked if I’ve been depressed. It might be a reason I’ve lost 15lbs in 10 days. I denied it. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so quick to do that. In an effort to get myself back to a better state, I took a decongestant (I hate taking meds.) and an anti-nausea pill the doc prescribed. I’m starting to feel a bit better.

I know, I know. Suck it up Lion!

I’m trying!!!!



  1. 15 pounds in 10 days is a lot of weight. A good chunk of that will be muscle tissue. You will regain the weight fairly quickly but not the muscle. So it will be easier to gain fat.

    1. Author

      Cheerful, aren’t you? 🙂

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