two new paddles
The new, larger and heavier tenderizer (left) ad the old lighter one. The new one is bound to be a lot meaner.

Did you remember to set your clock back an hour? Most of ours set themselves. The one inside of me has no reset. I’ll just have to deal with this semi-annual jet lag. Last night was sex free. I keep falling asleep in front of the TV. I’m not sure if that is more of an indictment of TV than it is of me. Anyway, when I woke up, I asked Mrs. Lion to snuggle. We did. She pinched my left nipple, but that was it in terms of play.

Tomorrow afternoon we are going  to the movie to see the Queen flick. Mrs. Lion likes Freddy Mercury. She seems to fixate on British rockers. As she pointed out to me, “I’ve gone to your operas. The least you can do is go see a movie I like!”

I agree. The thing is that I didn’t object when she said she wanted to go.  I’m not sure why she needed to justify going to me. We’re going to the IMAX version. I suggested that since the sound system is usually superior in an IMAX theater. If you’re going to a movie about  rock band, might as well have the best possible sound.

Maybe we will be more sexual tomorrow. Maybe I can stay awake. Lots of maybe’s. There’s a good chance my allergy meds are making me sleepy. I’m taking a lot now. For no apparent reason, I get very allergic for a few weeks every six months or so. The allergist told me to take lots of antihistamines. I am. They may make me sleepy but they don’t prevent boners. Whew!

Remember the paddle called the Tenderizer? It’s the one with a pointy grid on one side and smooth on the other. A couple of weeks ago when we played our football game, Mrs. Lion decided to use the tenderizer for spanking me each time a team scored a ;point. She used the flat side. It is very effective.

Anyway, she commented that it would be better if the paddle were heavier. I took this to heart and contacted the maker and asked if we could get a heavier one. He said we could and made one for us. The new one is made of chchen, a very heavy hardwood. It’s beautiful as well as bigger and meaner. Mrs. Lion doesn’t remember telling me she would like a heavier version. Now she has one.

She’s been punishing me with our heavy, wooden spoon. It’s proven very effective and she’s commented on how much she likes using it. She’s unwilling to commit to the idea that it will remain her go-to punishment tool, but I think that since she is pleased with the control she has and the results that it might be a good idea to stick with it.

In that vein, I ordered a spoon-shaped paddle made from chchen too. It will be heavier and flat on the striking surface. That will make it more effective. Some people think the convex side of a spoon makes it meaner for spanking. I disagree. It actually reduces the effect. The shape allows the force to be distributed across the rounded end more slowly than it would from a flat surface the same size. I know because we have a paddle with a similar shape and it is much meaner.

Anyway, I’ll find out how the new paddle “works” today. We are watching the Seahawks game. I will be strapped into the shock collar and Mrs. Lion will have her paddle ready. She’s added a rule starting with this game. She will swat me with the tenderizer (pointy) side if our team’s quarterback is sacked. She didn’t say how many swats I will get each time. I’ll find out later. Have a great Sunday!


  1. There were a lot of sacks on Thursday night. You better hope things go better for the quarterbacks today!

    1. Author

      Me too!

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