Busy Day

Not only do we have a football game to watch, but we’re also going to see “Bohemian Rhapsody”. I’ve been looking forward to this movie for months. When I told Lion I wanted to see it he said something derogatory about it. Now he swears he never said anything. I don’t care. I’m seeing the movie. The only problem I have is that we’re seeing it in Imax. I really dislike movie theaters. Lion insists on sitting in the middle of the row and I feel trapped. The theater I like serves food and there are small tables with openings so I can get out if I need to. Do I need to that often? No, but I like knowing escape is possible. I’ll put on my big girl panties. Freddie is worth it.

We didn’t play last night. Lion was snoozing. I’ve been battling a cough and sinus thing. Then we were both battling some stomach issue. It was not a good night for fun. Lion slept till 10 am. He was up a lot and every little bit of sleep helps.

I think Lion’s clothespins will wait until tomorrow night. We have the football fun tonight. Zaps for penalties, swats with the smooth side of the paddle for both team’s points and swats with the tenderizer side of the paddle when our quarterback is sacked or when he throws an avoidable interception. I’ll use the new paddle to see if I like it. I really don’t remember saying I wanted a new football paddle. I do remember wondering if there was a heavier tenderizer paddle.

I have flashbacks of my grandmother when Lion buys me things simply because I mention them. My mother used to get mad at me when I’d go grocery shopping with my grandparents and I’d come home with a new toy just because I said it was nice. I didn’t necessarily want the toy. I’d just merely say it was pretty or a nice color or it looked cool and my grandmother would buy it for me. Nothing expensive, of course, but my mother thought I’d twisted my grandmother’s arm. I learned not to admire toys when I was out with my grandparents. Lion knows I don’t ask for things but I have gotten better about it lately.

So today will be a busy day. A 2-hour movie and then a 3-hour football game with laundry thrown in for good measure. I hope we’ll both sleep well tonight.

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