Erection Killer

I proved last night that I can arouse Lion the night after a ruined orgasm. To be fair, he was horny all by himself despite the fact that he knew the tiny clothespins were coming. And I guess I also proved that I won’t stop just because Lion begs me to.

I started off with one tiny clothespin on the underside shaft of his penis. This was new. I know they hurt like hell on the head. I was experimenting if they’d hurt just as much on the shaft. I have tried them on his balls in the past. It turns out they hurt no matter where they go. Obviously the more sensitive the area, the more it would hurt but it really doesn’t matter where that sensitive area is. When I went to put one on the head of his penis he asked me if I was really going to so it. Of course! That’s where they go. Just because I tried one on another spot didn’t mean I wasn’t going to put it on its intended target.

Lion can usually handle them for a minute or two. It’s difficult but he can. This time, however, he was screaming for me to take it off. I waited a few seconds and then removed it. I’m not sure if he’s getting wimpy in his old age or if he’s just out of practice. He also wasn’t in the mood anymore. I don’t think that’s ever happened before. Did it have anything to do with the ruined orgasm? Did it have anything to do with the anticipation of the tiny clothespins?

He said he should just throw them out. Mistake. I can throw them out. I can remove all the tiny clothespin cards from the Box O’Fun. But Lion cannot do it. It’s not his decision. He can request. He can suggest. He can plead. Ultimately, I’m the one who will decide the fate of the tiny clothespins.


  1. Interesting. Can you post a photo of the little clips that hurt so much? Where did you purchase them?

    1. You can see a picture of them in use here. They are dollhouse clothespins. We got them in a store that sold dollhouse furniture and accessories.

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