Halloween Fun

I’m not sure if I feel yucky because I’m getting sick or if the CPAP is doing it, but I was achy and blah last night. Poor Lion has to put up with my not feeling well a lot. I guess we both have to put up with each other not feeling well. I have resolved to play with Lion tonight though.

It would be very easy for me to take it easy and rest as Lion suggested. The problem, of course, is that Lion doesn’t get any attention. Since I don’t know if I’m actually getting sick, and my colds tend to take a long time to manifest, I could be taking it easy for weeks before I get better. I can’t leave Lion hanging that long.

Well, I can leave him hanging in the sense that he could be waiting weeks for an orgasm. But I need to edge him almost nightly for him to still care that he’s been waiting for weeks. And I am not suggesting I will actually make him wait that long. It’s just an example.

I didn’t make him pick from the Box O’Fun so the possibilities are endless tonight. I’m leaning toward the Magic Wand but I’m also keeping my options open. It depends how nice I want to be. I could also go after him with the Icy Hot again. We shall see.

The main thing is to keep moving until I am forced to rest by a cold or whatever. I can’t let life intrude any more than it has to.