Tired But Determined

Day three in the captivity of my CPAP showed no real improvement. Lion says I haven’t snored since I started using it. It’s no wonder since it blows air up my nose. I know it will take some time to get used to, but so far I’m just as tired as I was without it. I was looking forward to an a-ha moment after which I’d be ready for anything. Oh well.

I thought I’d take last night off from play because I was tired. Lion even took a short nap. He wondered if a CPAP would help him sleep. It might. I’m usually more tolerant of being uncomfortable though. Anyway, we only snuggled last night. I don’t know if Lion was really in the mood or if he just wanted to be close. Either way, it worked out for both of us. Tonight I’ll make sure he gets his plastic clothespins, which is what he selected from the Box O’Fun the other night. I know he’s been looking forward to it. (Not so much.)

Lion says he’s getting furry again. I’ve noticed some stubble. He thinks it’s time for another waxing session. I’m wondering of the hair is long enough for the wax to grab. He says it is. I say we’ll see how we both feel this weekend. We may need to catch up on sleep. We also may have to catch up on some chores. Clearly there isn’t an issue if we put off waxing for another week. The hair won’t be too long for waxing at any point.

The main thing I need to guard against for all activities – BDSM, punishment and waxing – is complacency. Yes, we may need to catch up on sleep, but not to the detriment of our relationship. There’s a fine line between being too tired to play and being too lazy to play. I do tend to get a bit lax when it comes to playing. I’ve forgotten to punish Lion because I don’t make it a priority in my mind. Left to me, we’d never do waxing anymore. It’s not because I want Lion to be hairy. It’s just that I can think of a bunch of other things I’d rather expend my energy on. Or, more correctly, not expend my energy on.

I’m determined to make this stupid CPAP work for me, but I’m more determined to make our relationship continue to work. If I get less sleep with the machine then out it goes. But I’m not there yet.


  1. I found a difference right away with CPAP but my sleep apnea was very severe. I was told to give it at least a month of consistent use to see the effects. My partner sleeps better too as my snoring kept him from sleeping well.

    1. Speaking as her partner, I am very happy with no snoring. Mrs. Lion says she is still tired.

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